Man killed in late night shooting in Ballard

Updated: The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting the victim is Robert Baker, the brother of Budda Baker, the UW football star and now Arizona Cardinal. Budda Baker posted this statement:

“On behalf of the Baker Family we want to thank everyone for their generous outpouring of love, support, and prayers during this extremely difficult time at the passing of our dearly beloved son, brother and husband, Robert Baker. We ask that you respect our family’s privacy in this difficult time. – The Baker Family”

Earlier: Just before 2 a.m. this morning, police raced to the 4900 block of NW Leary Way — near Cedar Room and Shelter Lounge — for a report of a shooting. They discovered a 29-year-old man with a gunshot wound a block away at NW 49th St. and 17th Ave. NW.

“Officers performed CPR until relieved by Seattle Fire. The victim was pronounced dead while being transported to the hospital,” says Detective Mark Jamieson.

Bryan Orendor told My Ballard he was outside Shelter Lounge with his girlfriend and two friends when he heard the shots.

“I heard 3 booms which sounded like fireworks,” he said. “As a second passed, a couple more shots went off and I grabbed my girlfriend and told my buddies to run and get inside Shelter now, there is an active shooter around the corner. As we ran inside, we ducked behind the bar, and I just remember everyone crying and yelling ‘lock the door, lock the door!'”

A large number of officers searched the surrounding blocks, clearing buildings looking for the suspect. (Silver posted updates in the My Ballard Facebook Group last night.) But so far, the suspect remains at large.

Investigators arrived and processed the scene for evidence, taping off the immediate area.

Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the SPD tip line at (206) 233-5000.

This is Ballard’s second homicide in a little more than a week. Last week officers discovered a gunshot victim inside a camper at 15th Ave. NW at north end of the Ballard Bridge.

(Top photo courtesy of KING 5’s Doug Dillon, who has a few more photos here. The video above is from KOMO’s Dan the Truck Guy.)

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  2. Yea it’s definitely time to move. First it was just the usual homeless people pulling crap like stealing and harassing people. Then people started getting robbed. Then a few weeks back some kid got stabbed in the back. Now 2 homicides in a week. At $2000-$3000 for the average rent here in Ballard this is not what I signed up for. I can’t wait til my lease is up.

  3. You can move now. Your landlord will fill your space and you won’t be liable for remainder of lease. See ya.

  4. The above 2 comments epitomize our sad situation today; 1 speaking truth thoughts and coming to an actual conclusion, and the other mimicking, being a troll/snarkster, pretending they can’t see a thing. Sort of a snapshot of America as a whole. So “No whining” will officially tell us all when it’s real bad, and THEN it’s time for group thinking.

  5. not a good situation in the neighborhood and seattle in general re: general lawlessness and potential for violence.


    If you think otherwise, you’re a gun owner and, therefore, part of the problem.

  7. Yes — that kid got stabbed in the back by a gun. The depravity of RV urban camping was caused by a gun. The price gouging of $3,000 rent was caused by a gun.

  8. Living in Seattle the past couple of years really challenges your mental health. With the increased crime and traffic and costs of living and taxes and goofy government policy’s it’s downright depressing at times.

  9. Are you guys going to blame the homeless for this one, too?

    Or are you going to say it’s Mike O’Brien’s fault because he has ‘tied the hands’ of the police who often don’t do their job because it involves too much paperwork?

    Fortunately I bought a long time ago so didn’t ‘sign-up’ for anything (as if your high rent entitles you to live in a crime-free neighborhood– good luck with that!)

  10. Councilmember Mike O’brien is probably thrilled. This is his vision for Ballard.

  11. @Scott: So the first person says they think Ballard is a hellhole and comes to the conclusion that they are going to move and they are the hero. The second person is encouraging the first person to follow through and they are the bad guy?

    Your analysis of their conversation is quite delirious and it sounds you’re just really trying to force the national partisan divide onto a local neighborhood blog.

  12. There is nothing wrong with feeling entitled to a crime-free or low-crime neighborhood whether you rent or own. It doesn’t make you ignorant, or a nimby. It’s folks who feel like this kind of stuff is a “day in the life” of Seattle who keep the bar low for what the community could be. If you own here and you feel safe and comfortable here, then I respect that… but the respect should go both ways. After living in a world class city on the East Coast for many years, I can tell you that you can have both an expectation of safety and the tolerance for difference that comes with a well run city and an intelligent populace.

  13. It’s clear that the stand down orders given to the police from the Mayor and City Council for petty crime and possession are escalating into increased felony crimes. The fabric of our society has been torn by people who are immobilized (who we elected.) If you want public safety, hire more police, revive enforcement and prosecute crimes. And provide decent treatment in jail.

  14. I guess I might be a Nimby. Here’s a list of things I don’t want in my proverbial “backyard”.
    1) Thieving junkies prowling cars and loitering in front of every business
    2) Tweakers and their edgy pit bulls feeling welcome to harass and assault people
    3) Tweakers and their edgy pit bulls camping or living in RVs
    4) Tweakers chopping up stolen bikes along the trail, or breaking into cars
    5) Junkies feeling “welcome” to slam heroin in public
    6) Murderous drug dealers competing for turf. The drugs come from somewhere, Geniuses. Even more comical, when the cops send one of these creeps to the morgue the city punishes the cops. Muh Che Taylor!
    7) Degenerates, junkies, and known sex offenders hanging out the LIBRARIES. Read more books! Comedy
    8) Never ending tax increases that SUBSIDIZE these criminals. Not only do we have a filth and crime infestation in Ballard, Durkan wants us to PAY MORE for the privilege

  15. Wait, where’s the post that says something like, “This is nothing new. People have been getting murdered in Ballard since I moved here in 1977?” I’d like to see the concerns expressed by some folks here negated as soon as possible! We don’t need the distraction. Oh look, a cool Pilsner is on tap at !!!

  16. The world changes. Ballard and Seattle is changing…again. It’s not the first tech boom for Seattle. Seattle survived the last one. It can survive this too. But Ballard will not be the same. Austin isn’t. Denver, Atlanta, SLC not the same. But staying or going, neither is wrong or stupid. We’ve been retired here for three years and we love it.

  17. When my mom and us moved here in the mid 70’s, there was a gunfight at the Old Pequliar, at the time named the Valhalla, the victims running to the ER at Swedish, leaving bloody footprints all the way there. That’s how the cops traced him. Old town was a bunch of creepy unused places, Hattie’s Hat had mostly drunken fishermen rolling out of it. Looks like Ballard is going back to square one with higher rents included.

    I for once was happy not to hear the loud young drunks last night. Usually they walk down my block, very close to the Shelter, shouting at the top of their lungs at 2 am like they have a hearing problem, I’ll be happy when they all move out of here and back to their ‘safe’ enclaves in Cali or Kansas.

  18. Forgot to mention – the Shelter used to be a garage. Back in the 70’s, a young woman’s body was found in one of the bathrooms there, She’d been abducted from a bus stop near 15th and 80th. Cold case not solved until a few years ago via DNA. Perp was in jail at the time.

  19. That is seriously a terrible news… I hope the police can find the responsible for this murder. This all comes to
    one thing there are loads of guns out on the streets and then things like these happen.

  20. I love this neighborhood, have experienced cities with worse problems, but just don’t see why our neighborhood needs to be this badly managed. I hope we get better management. Elections can’t happen soon enough. People do have options but not always good ones.

    Pretty easy to leave if you simply rent. It’s only a matter of waiting for the lease to come up then renting a u-haul for $80. Easy to say… Buhbye.

    Owners have a different bar to get over. Higher transaction costs with getting a realtor, buffing up the home for sale, stepping through the sales process, then watching 5% to 7% of your homes equity vanish into realtor fees, taxes, etc. If a median home is $800K that equates to at least $40K out of a homeowners wallet. It sucks.

  21. Re: cities change etc just move
    It’s a very sad attitude that says “we prefer to lose our neighbors than deal with public safety issues”. What a joke. Not to mention the fact that working people can’t just sell their nonexistent $750k house and flee to Boise.

    Regarding declines in Atlanta, Denver, Austin, and of course, Seattle: what do thee cities have in common, politically? Bellevue is pretty safe and clean and the police response is reasonable.

    People here have higher expectations for tiny restaurants on yelp than they do for a city that mismanages billions of dollars in resources.

  22. “A large number of officers searched the surrounding blocks, clearing buildings looking for the suspect.”

    let me guess, they didn’t knock on the doors of our RV “neighbors”, did they?

  23. Every single time there is a serious crime in Ballard, the same 3 or 4 guys go on Nextdoor and My Ballard and they lie about crime going up when it’s not, and lie about homeless people being to blame when they’re not, and lie about Mike O’Brien being to blame when he’s not. They incorrectly predict that O’Brien will not be re-elected, and in fact two thirds of District 6 votes for him (again!), without him even needing to bother to campaign.

    Same 3 or 4 guys. Same lies. They bat a big fat zero every time. I guess you could say they’re batting 1,000 at being wrong. That’s a kind of winning. Sort of. Congratulations?

    When are you going to learn? Are you ever going to change your tune? How can you go on being so wrong for so long and never admit it?

  24. @Elenchos
    Hey, we missed your high school level comments but welcome back!
    Those of us that have lived and worked in Ballard/Fremont for the last 20yrs have all seen the same decline in behavior and safety during the last 3yrs. I know it’s time consuming to stage marches supporting felons, taking dog selfies for your instagram, or crocheting a pink p*ssy hat, but maybe it’s time you talk to some local biz owners before Sawanting everywhere, Amiga.

  25. As if the bums, drug dealers, dopers, hustlers and various scum bags who have invaded Ballard, housed and unhoused, are all somehow unrelated, orbiting in their own separate universes instead of what they actually are, a fetus organism being welcomed and encouraged by Weepy Mike O’Brien and the guilt-ridden, phoney compassion crowd.

  26. So 2 murders in 2 weeks. Stabbing on Wednesday on 24th in front of a home with a reputation to be a drug house. A few days later every car on 24th between 83rd and 85th tires were slashed (suspected to be from the junkies in the drug house)- A food truck was robbed of 6k of equipment- new encampments are showing up in North Beach and Soundview Park in the last few days. This is not normal. The situation here is getting worse by the minute- O’Brien doesn’t care about you or your families safety. That should be the priority of any elected official. He has policies that destroy our environment. He is making these addicts lives much worse by enabling them.

  27. So is it that you think Mike O’Brien is Police Commissioner? Because he’s actually a city council member. And Seattle doesn’t have a police commissioner. Do you think he’s chair of the public safety committee? Because he’s not chair. He’s not even on that committee. Burgess was chair of that one since forever. Now it’s someone else (Lorena González) .

    These are some of the reasons the false claims you guys and your sock puppet accounts post every single time failed to prevent OBrien from getting re-elected. By a landslide. Again!

    It’s funny when Wile E Coyote does the same stupid thing over and over and never learns. It’s funny when Charlie Brown kicks that football over and over. You Ballard ninnies were even funny. Once. Like back in 2004 or 2005. Nobody has thought your repetitive schtick has been funny for at least a dozen years. Yes. It’s really been THAT LONG! Get some new material! Stop lying!

  28. The Nickelsville public camping protests brought this whole problem here, and it is still here.
    You give notice, and then sweep, and then put people in jail or issue citations, and run background checks on all of them, because: THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!

    1) Enforce the law. (Loitering, camping in public places, harassment on streets, in the library,
    definitely on public transportation, in the grocery stores, in front of the grocery stores. In bus stops.
    Turn the bus stops around, and take the lights out of them. No-one wants to sit staring and listening to a busy street under lights in their eyes. Put benches back in bus stops. Don’t build the village around the idiot. Take down fencing under bridges. ENFORCE THE LAW. ENFORCE THE LAW!
    Public intoxication is a citation. With that you can detain someone and run a background check. With more jails, you can put them in jail.
    2) More jails. Big modern jails. More mental hospitals (for drugs and other mental illnesses.)
    3) There is already infrastructure for the homeless! It’s called “HOUSING!” Seattle Housing Authority!!
    HOUSING and Urban Development. If they don’t want to go fill out an application for HOUSING, take them to jail, and run their backgrounds. Drive them to the national or Federal forest where they can play “I’m living outside!” legally.
    4) If you don’t want to weed a garden, then you don’t deserve to eat out of it.
    5) Last but not least, it’s not only the “homeless.” It’s METH. METH METH METH. Those people are so crazy for so long, they will break into your house even if they know your home, and sit there and refuse to leave, if you (ask them to?) THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS ON METH. It is very cheap, it drives you nuts, and it lasts a LONG time. They deal it out of and around the Ballard library.
    6) Churches with that pay NO PROPERTY taxes are inviting these people to our neighborhoods, they have almost no local congregation. Nationally, they have deep pockets to keep sending people to mission overseas, and feed the local drug addicts and thieves. Locally, they pay NO TAXES, and invite CRIME into our neighborhood.
    7) Homelessness? Housing! Seattle Housing Authority! It’s already there!!!! Tear down all camps!!!!!!
    8) Prosecute black on white hate crime, prosecute people standing in the middle of the street without permit. Don’t ignore the new Female on Male hate either. You are not fighting bigotry, you are CREATING bigots. You think you are special? No one wants to hear it, or see your face. Pay that very basic price, to begin with. No one likes you when you are Loud, Violent, Belligerent and think you are special because you are a color or because you are ugly or because you were assaulted.

  29. Which black on white hate crimes did they fail to prosecute? Which female on male hate crimes did they not prosecute? Asking for a friend.

    “No one likes you when you are Loud, Violent, Belligerent and think you are special because you are a color or because you are ugly or because you were assaulted.”

    No one except the 60% + of District 6 residents who voted for Mike O’Brien last election. And the election before that. And will vote for him again in the next election. No one except them. You know who is special? You are special. Yes, you, dear cupcake. You are a member of a special minority. Your specialness is that you represent a point of view with so few adherents that nobody who thinks like you can get elected to anything in Seattle. It sucks to be unpopular. But it’s awesome to be special.

    Posting the Republican Party platform on My Ballard and thinking that’s going to be popular is the most special thing of all.

    You guys have spent a decade and more lying about Mike O’Brien and lying about crime and it clearly doesn’t work. Why do you keep doing it? This doesn’t work. If it was going to work it would have worked a long, long time ago. Do something else.

    Seriously. Which black on white hate crimes did they not prosecute? Which female on male? Names. Dates. Locations. When did this happen?

  30. It’s Seattle:
    When the “community youths” mug people downtown the mayor pushes a tax for free community college. When the stabby tweakers get unruly it’s time for a rent/property tax hike.
    When the Mariners can’t win it’s time to ban chewing tobacco(!). And of course when the Cali crime arrives full force, someone like “Elenchos” has a rambling, poorly worded attempt to address some phantasmagoric “racism” that Seattle goes out of its way (at the expense of its residents i might add) to avoid.
    And as i type this, some crazy hobo screams on the sidewalk. Pathetic.

  31. Elenchos,

    If you don’t want to weed your garden, then you will not eat out of it.
    I despise how you put question marks at the end of sentences you
    already know the answer to.

    I’m not Republican or Democrat. I’m common sense.
    I am more liberal than you, and I despise your pretending-to-be-blind pseudo-liberality.

    Of course no politicians will talk common sense, if it is not IN. THEIR. BEST. INTEREST.

    The government is made to do the will of the people, and unfortunately, and despicable
    you are the majority. I can’t wait until you are a victim, or a witness.
    I don’t know if I will be able to resist the urge to spit your same spit in your little argumentative face
    while you are being victimized, and suddenly you need help, and suddenly you see the light, and suddenly
    it’s a whole new ballgame. When you fall off of your bicycle, and you look at me like I’m supposed to do
    something about it, to help you, to be a good Samaritan, I will resist the urge to laugh at you in my my most
    argumentative bratty and snide posture, and walk away.


    Elenchos, stay out of my garden.

  32. A quick look at the SPD crime dashboard indicates Ballard crime has gone up between 2008 and 2017.

  33. Vote for a clown, expect a circus. I don’t know how many terms Mike O’Brien has served in the Clowncil, but if your District re-elects him, you honestly deserve to be Ground Zero for hobos, tweakers, and thieves.

    ‘Like’ the Safe Seattle and Recall Mike O’Brien pages on FB.

    Join the real resistance!

  34. For the record, I’m sure Mike O’Brien is a nice guy. I’m sure he means well. I very much doubt he sits around with Ksama ‘Eat The Rich’ Sawant and the rest of the SJW clique in some underground lair like Dr. Evil and his henchmen and asks ‘What can we do to destroy Seattle today?’.

    The problem is that they live in a bubble. They’re so enamored by their own SJW rhetoric, they can’t see the forest for the trees. At City Hall, they’re surrounded by a mob of self-dealing ‘poverty pimps’, led by SHARE and LIHI.

    It’s time for a change. Visualize recall. Join the real resistance!

  35. Answer the question. Which hate crimes did they fail to prosecute?

    Also, are you aware that the person who decides what to prosecute is called a “prosecutor”? It’s right there in the name. Mike O’Brien is not a prosecutor. He’s on the city council.

    Tim Burgess was the chair of the public safety committee for most of the time period you are going on about. Why don’t you blame Burgess for anything? Why O’Brien?

    Let’s say your Republican or DINO candidate were to win the next District 6 election. Or you recalled O’Brien (LOL! Good luck!) Somebody who doesn’t “live in a bubble.” What exactly do you think they would do differently? Issue different orders to the chief of police? That’s the mayor’s job. Build more jails? King County builds the jails.

    Why do you think O’Brien is the cause of all your woes? This crime wave? (The crime wave that isn’t real by the way, just saying). Why him and not the mayor? Or Tim Burgess? Or the King County Council? The chief of police, or the KC Sheriff? Or the King County Prosecuting Attorney? There’s so many people who are not Mike O’Brien whose actual jobs have something to do with crime.

    Anyways. Answer the question. Which hate crime was not prosecuted? Were you making stuff up again? Lying? You lie a lot, don’t you? Don’t you? Admit it.

  36. @elenchos

    I just had to break up a fight at ballard commons park 57th and 22nd where a crazy junky lady was assaulting some guy she ended up having to be tazed to let him go (she had him in a headlock holding onto his hair). I had to step in and call the police and she ended up being arrested.

    I can’t even walk my dog and go get coffee without this kind of crap happening. It’s getting old. Ballard used to be a nice place to live. Yes every city and neighborhood has crime but for the most part I didn’t feel the need to be armed while getting coffee or walking my dog like I do now.

    I moved here over a decade ago from Chicago, I know what it looks like when good neighborhoods start going to hell because of bad management by the city and how it starts from petty theft and drug crime to homicides. I hope that Ballard comes back and becomes the area it once was but I see it getting much worse before it gets any better.

    And as far as the commenters saying bye, go ahead and move. Think about this. Many of my other neighbors and friends that live in the area are moving because the crime coupled with the high rents simply doesn’t make sense. That means less money stimulating the ballard neighborhood stores, shops, bars, and restaurants. Sure more people will move in as more and more move out however now you just lost that sense of community that ballard once had. Which I find quite saddening.

  37. The Seattle crime rate today is a third of what it was in 1987. The crime rate in 1992 was double today’s rate. Even as recently as 2005, the rate was 30% higher than today. The reason flim flam men and internet trolls like to cherry pick 2008 as a starting date to claim there is a crime wave is that it happened to be a bit lower then. A bit. But the truth is the crime rate *plummeted* in the 20 years before 2007, and it has been more or less flat ever since. It has gone up and it’s gone down since 2007, but only incrementally, and it always settles back to the same approximate level. That’s what flat means.

    You guys have had this explained to you many times but you don’t care. Also, you haven’t lived here very long.

    Answer the question. Which hate crimes did they fail to prosecute? Or admit you made it up. Jesus disapproves of lying. He saw what you did. God saw you lie. The whole internet saw you lie too and the whole internet thinks you’re a joke. Tell the truth for once.

  38. I just looked at the same story on Nextdoor and as usual the same 6 people are claiming this falls squarely on Mike O’Brien’s shoulders.

    Did you know he’s supposed to be there to break-up altercations outside of a closing night-club? No wonder there’s so few qualified candidates for city council when the job is so difficult!

  39. Seattle has the 6th highest property crime *rate* in the US of the top 50 major US cities. Surprising to me is the lowest of the 50 in New York City. (?!) From the Seattle TImes :
    Elen Nachos is correct, the crime rate is significantly lower now than in the 1980’s. The difference might be is that everything is in your face now.
    The issue for long time residents here is that Seattle has become unaffordable and you are forced to move mostly for that reason even if Seattle has become something you do not even like anymore. For me it is the suffocating congestion that is making it impossible to go anywhere or do anything without the trip taking longer than the time you spend at the place you went to. Once myself and my wife do not have to work here any longer, there are many other choices where we can live and spend the money we will get selling the house to a nice Chinese cash buyer who will not even live in it. Thank you Jeff Bezos for my now comfortable retirement!

  40. Yeah, usually when somebody starts believing a guy can make the sun rise and set, and make it rain, and make mom and dad get back together, it’s because they have a huge crush on them. Is that it? Are you guys secretly in love with Mike O’Brien?

    He’s but a man, you guys. He’s not all-powerful. Puts his pants on one leg at a time. Can’t levitate. Can’t cause a crime wave with wave of his hand.

    Answer the question, you liars. Admit you made all that up.

  41. You can lower the crime rate by not doing anything about it.

    People are illegally parked all the way from the North to the South of Seattle,
    (speaking of congestion, what about taxpayers right to park in public parking spaces?)
    people are publicly drunken, high, and dealing all over the place.

    The police don’t respond to crime in a timely manner, and
    victims don’t report so that is more reason for low crime statistics.

    If I go and do a drive-by in South Seattle ( I am White) I will get my butt found and kicked
    in, in less than 45 minutes.
    Thugs and their families don’t snitch, so they almost never get caught, so there is more erroneously low crime rate.
    If I go on missions to South Seattle neighborhoods and beat up black people and people of color, and put graffiti on their cars and houses, and steal their property, I will be caught within 45 minutes.
    Seattle has decades-old cold cases of drive-by’s NEVER solved. More erroneously low crime rate.
    If I am a white man and I walk on a bus without paying, with a beer in my hand, and begin harassing other riders, I will be kicked off by the entire bus, not just the driver.
    Not so, if I was a the latest trendy color to be pampered. I can do whatever the heck I want, because I am of color, and everything is the other colors fault! Have you ever ridden the bus? Have you ever been to the Burien Transit Center at night?
    No one does anything about anything!!!! That’s more crime rate erroneously reported as LOWER.
    Same with all of the drug-fueled Vagrants in Ballard.
    If I, as a white man, go to a color festival and begin harassing people of color, and beating them up, I will be arrested, and prosecuted as a HATE CRIMINAL. Not so, if I wanted to go on a mission to Mardi Gras in Seattle to beat up and kill white people. Not so if I am of color, and scream about white people while plunging a knife into a white man’s chest, not even so if I am a lesbian and I decide I don’t want straight guys in or outside of the bar that I work in. Then I am a pampered, trendy, criminal, UN-prosecuted group. This is MISANDRY, and it is popular right now, and DISCRIMINATION is ILLEGAL!!
    If I AS A WHITE MALE decide to wave my hands around in a cops face, start yelling at the cop, get my friends to circle this cop, because this cop has the gall to think he can question my activity, I will get my butt handed to me. Why? because I was obviously brought up in a a lawless, belligerent family, and I have learned that because of my color, I can’t be questioned or even LOOKED AT.

    Ballard, Seattle. Listen. Where did your family come from? When did they get here?
    Ask yourself before you suffer more white guilt. MOST of us white people came hear from great persecution
    and bigotry around the turn of the 20th century. From Europe. Slavery had already been abolished, most of us are of German descent, not slave-owner descent. Blame the red-heads, people of color! At least you’ll have the ethnicity right.

    I am not going to be beholden to people who should have been held back in history class, and who over and over blame white people for their CRIMES.

    Enforce the law, and prosecute crime, and the crime rate will go up.

  42. Well my my my……… I suppose the cops could have knocked on RV doors – every single one of them, they may have even come across a stolen bike or some stupid shit shoplifted from fred meyer, who knows?? One thing they wouldn’t have found tho is the person who murdered this dude, chances are he jumped in his beemer or audi or vw or whatever and got the heck out of there pronto.

  43. @Elenchos
    1) Long phone wait times means many crimes not involving assault and/or weapons go unreported. Police data is cooked here, just like any other data (looking at you, Silicon Valley vultures). Property crime is shrugged off. Adjusted for unreported incidents we’re probably top 3 not #6.
    2) Downtown Seattle IS a nonstop “PoC on white” hate crime. The “Children of Wakanda” mug commuters and sometimes shoot bystanders. Wake up. Nobody buys your astro turf social justice crap. The cops can’t even speak openly about the reality of the situation without some insane reprisals by commies like you or the Sawant clique. People are fleeing Cali because of this very same crap you inflict on your NEIGHBORS.

  44. Elenchos, you’re goddam right Mike O’Brien’s to blame for this crap. He personally intervened to stop the police from stopping a particularly awful encampment form being set up at N# 58th and 5th ave NE by I-5. He was actually delighted that the campers had ‘found a safe neighborhood to move into.” Since early March, the people who live right across the street from there have been subjected to car prowls, trespassing, threats and intimidation, defecation on their property, open drug use, a massive bike chop shop, and on and on. And in the last few weeks it’s gotten much larger and much worse.

    So don’t fucking tell me that MOB’s not to blame for this when he went out of his way to make it happen. He should go and beg forgiveness from everyone one of those people he imposed that camp on. And I pray to god those people find a way to send some of those creeps to go camp in front of his house. He absolutely deserves it. if he’s fine with making others live with this right across the street, he needs to suffer too.

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