Man killed in late night shooting in Ballard

Updated: The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting the victim is Robert Baker, the brother of Budda Baker, the UW football star and now Arizona Cardinal. Budda Baker posted this statement:

“On behalf of the Baker Family we want to thank everyone for their generous outpouring of love, support, and prayers during this extremely difficult time at the passing of our dearly beloved son, brother and husband, Robert Baker. We ask that you respect our family’s privacy in this difficult time. – The Baker Family”

Earlier: Just before 2 a.m. this morning, police raced to the 4900 block of NW Leary Way — near Cedar Room and Shelter Lounge — for a report of a shooting. They discovered a 29-year-old man with a gunshot wound a block away at NW 49th St. and 17th Ave. NW.

“Officers performed CPR until relieved by Seattle Fire. The victim was pronounced dead while being transported to the hospital,” says Detective Mark Jamieson.

Bryan Orendor told My Ballard he was outside Shelter Lounge with his girlfriend and two friends when he heard the shots.

“I heard 3 booms which sounded like fireworks,” he said. “As a second passed, a couple more shots went off and I grabbed my girlfriend and told my buddies to run and get inside Shelter now, there is an active shooter around the corner. As we ran inside, we ducked behind the bar, and I just remember everyone crying and yelling ‘lock the door, lock the door!'”

A large number of officers searched the surrounding blocks, clearing buildings looking for the suspect. (Silver posted updates in the My Ballard Facebook Group last night.) But so far, the suspect remains at large.

Investigators arrived and processed the scene for evidence, taping off the immediate area.

Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the SPD tip line at (206) 233-5000.

This is Ballard’s second homicide in a little more than a week. Last week officers discovered a gunshot victim inside a camper at 15th Ave. NW at north end of the Ballard Bridge.

(Top photo courtesy of KING 5’s Doug Dillon, who has a few more photos here. The video above is from KOMO’s Dan the Truck Guy.)

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  2. @Hashtag Whataboutme

    Sorry dude but 80% of the homeless people causing shit in Ballard are white and don’t get arrested / prosecuted. Your poor is me cause I’m white argument doesn’t hold water.

  3. My comments weren’t about Ballard, but since you live there, then you can have them. Due to racist hateful belligerent mouthy coddled bigots, I already know what the city race percentage is. I’m fully aware that this article is about a shooting, but my comments were about the comments. Anyway dude, pride is ugly and no-one wants to see it, so this foot worshipping session is over for me. First time commented, last time. Maybe I’ll see you in person, where water is not innuendo bro dude sorry.

  4. @Hashtag: You really should read your comments before posting. Like actually read them out loud. You’re clearly trying to establish some kind of train of thought, but failing. Not that a more coherent comment from you is going to make a difference, but at least you’ll get whatever bizarre point across that you’re trying to make.

  5. @Durkan-istan
    People here have higher expectations for tiny restaurants on yelp than they do for a city that mismanages billions of dollars in resources.

    I could not agree with that statement more. It is truly demented and insane.

  6. Truth,
    Why do you want to know what my point is?
    I don’t understand! Why are people jumping all over me?
    Love, Hashtag Whataboutme

  7. @Anne: (1) He states facts, with no source citations, (2) he openly skews the data to match his agenda (then shames some non-existent boogeyman for skewing the official data), (3) he makes sensationalist claims that roving bands of thugs (non-white of course) are perpetually mugging and/or killing white people downtown and that you are racist if you disagree and then (4) closes his comment by calling everyone a commie and blaming everyone and everything but himself for the present situation.

    Is that really what you’re agreeing with?

  8. I would not want to die in the way this man did. I have sympathy for him. I hope they find the people who did this and put them in jail, so that our society can be safe. It’s not like the movies, getting shot with a gun, I’m sure. I know someone who lives in Chihuahua, and she told me she is not afraid of gangs, because she stays away from recreational chemicals. It increases her chances of survival. I wish that I had married someone like that, by the way.

  9. @Hashtag: I really don’t care what your point is. But it’s clear that you are struggling articulating some kind of coherent thought. Just giving you some advice.


  10. @truth

    No, that is not what I was agreeing with. I agreed with the idea that people have skewed priorities and are supportive/OK with the way our city mismanages homelessness/drug addiction problems.

  11. I didn’t say anything about groups, and yes, people of all colors are victimized – but if the attackers are nonwhite and the victims are white then *presto* “not a hate crime”. How does that work? Somebody robbing you violently while screaming racial epithets iS A HATE CRIME even if the rainbow brigade pretends otherwise.

    As to the stats, look at the assaults and robberies on the SPD crime map, or ask any who spends lots of time in Pioneer Square. And yes, for the record most run-ins I’ve have with aggressive types have been with white guys but NOT ALWAYS. Get over yourselves. My list was mostly about white tweakers. Nobody wants Seattle to become the world’s most expensive trailer park but here we are, Geniuses.

  12. Truth,
    If you don’t care what my point is, why are you giving me advice/ harassing me?
    You should talk to me as if you you were talking to me in person, or don’t talk to me. I simply just don’t understand why you are all over me.
    Hashish Whataboutme

  13. Mike Obrien’s encampment along NE 58th Street & 5th Ave NE by I-5 looks absolutely awful. I drove by there last week and saw some structures being built with pallets, plywood, and other debris. How can construction be allowed to proceed without the proper building permits issued by the city and periodic visits by building inspectors to ensure that the construction projects follow the city code. I am fairly confident that they do not pass city code, because some of the material being used does!’t meet UL requirements (electrical) or fire safety standards. I did not see any storm water berms to protect runoff from the construction site getting into the storm water drains. I also noticed that the folks there are not sorting their curbside recyclables into the proper bins for curbside pickup. Will the city be issuing fines for failure to sort recyclables from food waste and other wastes?

  14. This is my neighborhood. A neighborhood where 16 years ago you never saw the police because there was no need.
    I don’t know why this area of the city is apparently deemed to be one of the places where this can happen, instead of making sure it doesn’t.
    Walk by there all the time.

  15. @Hashtag: Just friendly advice, take it or leave it. Although, you appear to be triggered by it.

    @Sockpuppet:I didn’t say anything about groups, and yes, people of all colors are victimized…

    I’d say go reread your comment, but you won’t, so I’ll post it here for you:

    Downtown Seattle IS a nonstop “PoC on white” hate crime. The “Children of Wakanda” mug commuters and sometimes shoot bystanders.

    Sounds like you DID say something about some (made up?) group and you very clearly stated that only white people are victimized. So not only do you post false facts, but you blatantly lie about previous comments that are permanently here for all to see. This is the proof of your mental illness that I keep telling you to get treated.

    Somebody robbing you violently while screaming racial epithets iS A HATE CRIME even if the rainbow brigade pretends otherwise.

    Yeah, that’s a hate crime, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, unless that attacker is mentally ill. Can you point to specific cases where this happens or are you just setting up your next straw man fallacy?

  16. Back in 2002, 16 years ago, Seattle had over 80 crimes per 1,000 people. Today it’s a bit over 60, so a 25% decline.

    There were 8,200 car thefts in 2002, when the population was only 570,000. In 2017 there were 4,128 cars stolen in Seattle, with a population grown past 700,000. Things have gotten so much better than 2002. Half as many car thefts after a 22% population increase! And yes, the rate of car ownership has dipped a *little* in the last couple hears. A couple points. But for most of the years from 2002 to 2015, the number of cars per capita was steadily increasing, all the while that car thefts were plummeting.

    How can it feel so much worse when it’s actually gotten better? What’s really changed? You. You changed.

    You got 16 years older. As people age, they become nostalgic. Their minds trick them into thinking things were better in the past. The further into the past you go, the more your mind erases bad memories and burnishes good memories. It’s nature’s way of keeping us from getting too depressed, thinking about every single terrible thing we ever experienced. Those add up after a few decades and they can really bum you out if you don’t put them out of your mind. But nostalgia can also turn you into a conservative crank.

    The real cause of the “crime wave”? Senility. Old age. It’s bad but it can’t hurt you if you realize its there. See nostalgia for what it is and you can understand why everyone keeps telling you that you sound like a crazy person. Senility is tricking you into thinking things were grand back in 2002. It’s a trick. Don’t fall for it.

  17. Let me whisper in your ear, the hobo activity around the King County court house has gotten so bad, the county wants to build a new facility featuring better security. Check out the King 5 TV stories about the hundreds of assaults on Third Ave. Feeing nostalgic for law and order.

  18. @Clyde WTF kind of solution is that?! Haha my god… when will people in Seattle start addressing the causes of the problem and stop trying (in some very strange ways) to cure the symptoms?!

    How about – instead of building a NEW facility (and wasting however much money on that) we just start enforcing laws on that block? There are emergency vehicles there every single day. There is a lot of money being wasted in how that situation is handled, but more importantly, the situation there is getting worse, and worse… and worse.

    I take the bus to/from the courthouse, so I am there every day (twice). It is an open air crack market/default public bathroom. And yes, I know no one thinks the problems are getting worse, but it’s a very different scene than it was even 2 years ago.

  19. @Anne
    There is no “problem” anywhere unless decreed by the CC or the Mayor. Then it is a crisis which requires animmediate tax increase whereupon all the blame is placed on “patriarchy, capitalism, men, colonialism, etc” until such time as the voters eagerly pull levers in favor. Rinse, repeat. Helps to work in every aspect of race, sex, Trump, etc so that it is tied to national politics and everyone can get their ego involved in the very expensive (non)solution. Namaste!

    “Give me $5, you f**king cracker!”
    Yes, anyone who has heard this directed at themselves or others after failing to pay the hobo tax please raise hands. Bonus points if you were followed, or god forbid, chased or assaulted then robbed.

  20. Our former mayor declared that single family residences are inherently racist. Others on the city council likely hold similar views, which might help to explain why Mike Obrien wants more encampments to proliferate in residential neighborhoods. He is a strong supporter of the encampment at 5th Ave NE near the freeway, but not of the homeowners living in the area.

    The reason why Seattle is visibly decaying, is because the rules for paying parking tickets, littering, construction permits, sorting recyclables, sorting yard wastes and many others do not apply to everyone. So if only one segment of Seattle’s population is subject to enforcement of these rules, the other segment of the population will not follow these rules. Other cities in the greater Puget Sound apply the rules in a more even-handed manner, and as a result, their cities do not resemble Tijuana.

    We are foolish to vote for more emergency tax increases that do not solve the problems we are facing, and for policies created by local elected officials who accuse us of being racists simply because we own a house.

  21. @Special Ed

    “King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that the prominent government building, located on Third Avenue just off the touristy Pioneer Square, is the worst spot in the city for violent behavior.

    “The courthouse should be the center of civilization for a county, but there is no more dangerous part of the city of Seattle or King County than the area between the Seattle City Hall and the King County Courthouse during the daytime,” von Reichbauer said.

    Last summer, a homeless man brandishing a pair of scissors tried to attack King County Sheriff John Urquhart right outside of the courthouse.”

    Their solution? They want to build a new facility, not address the crime! Classic Seattle.

  22. @Anne:

    And yes, I know no one thinks the problems are getting worse…

    Um what? I don’t think you’ll find a single person that would disagree that the problem is getting worse. It’s clear that you like to make vast assumptions of everyone’s opinion in this City so you can then pretend to be smugly superior to everyone.

  23. @Truth

    Just scroll up a little bit and see what Elenchos has to say about that. I do not feel smug or superior, I just get frustrated with the mentality that things are better than in X year, so we are doing great! Does it really matter if homelessness/property crime are better/worse than they were X years ago? We seem to have a problem with both those things currently.

    I can’t really generalize about what everyone’s opinion about anything is in Seattle. Whatever it is, it’s pretty weird. Basing that on the officials we elect D:

  24. “And yes, I know no one thinks the problems are getting worse…”

    So one person equals everyone? Go to your basement and take some more opioids.

  25. @Truth

    There is no need to “make assumptions about about your (or Elenchos’) opinions of Seattle”. You have repeatedly dismissed assertions of decline in public safety in Ballard, just like Elenchos claims that things in Seattle are “better than ever!”

    It’s a lie that flies in face of of the daily experiences of everyone I interact with personally and professionally.

    There is a crisis, sadly a largely manufactured one, that now “requires” more spending/taxation. Our City Council pats themselves on the back for the number of PoC’s we elect (which does not mirror our city’s demographics, btw) and our 2 successive openly gay mayors, but the actual MANAGEMENT of the city is horrendous. This about-face you’re attempting is characteristic of a stance bankrupt of integrity and lacking any real connection to facts or consideration of your neighbor’s experiences. We all know Seattle will always be super liberal, but you guys need to get a grip and start cleaning house or risk turning this city into a historic case of ineptitude and corruption.

    Really, I want to help you guys escape this Dante-esque level of self inflicted humiliation, even if I disagree with many of your principles.

  26. @Truth

    You got it! I did make an assumption that there are other people who have similar opinions to Elenchos. I probably won’t take any opioids about it though because my level of hysteria on this topic is pretty low. Instead I think I will just have a laugh about how bothered you got by this statement:

    “And yes, I know no one thinks the problems are getting worse…”

  27. @Sockpuppet: Look, I know that when you’re beaten, you revert to some bizarre mental state where your only recourse is to impersonate those that beat you. But if you’re going to impersonate me and then attempt to shame your impersonation of me, at least wait more than two minutes. The timestamps are right there for all to see and it just furthers the evidence of your mental illness and the fact that you have exactly zero to contribute to a discussion.

    Maybe go comment on the Seattle Times echo chamber circle jerk with all the other tiny handed, mentally deranged sockpuppets like yourself? I hear there was an article about how Seattle’s bicycle infrastructure has fallen behind Vancouver’s. Going to be some angry “the war on cars is real!!!!11” commenters on that one!

    @Anne: While the last “Truth” comment is obviously by our resident, mentally deranged Sockpuppet, it’s not completely wrong, drug use aside. The problem is that you and Sockpuppet are insinuating that quality of life is a black and white scenario: either things are perfect or things are absolutely dystopian. 99% of Ballard and Seattle acknowledge that things aren’t perfect, but we still live in a great neighborhood, in a great city, in a fantastic state. There is not some grand conspiracy by the Council to make the homeless and drug situation worse. I believe they are in a scenario that hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression era and they are struggling to figure out what to do without pissing off their constituents (do note that the Great Depression took massive national undertakings and lots of money to solve and that’s likely what will need to happen here to solve the issue; you can only mitigate at the local level).

    Also, what I feel Elenchos is trying to convey is that we are not doing horrible and we are definitely not at rock bottom, again what Sockpuppet is constantly trying to claim about his “beloved” neighborhood for some reason. I don’t think Elenchos has said that Seattle is perfect, in any way (nobody else for that matter). They then post stats to back up that claim.

  28. One of the bizarre things is how a post about a shooting outside a bar at closing time leads to so much talk of homelessness and “hobo activity”. As if there were any connection between these two things. There is a housing crisis, but it is not a crime crisis. They are two completely different things.

    So when you prove that crime has been flat for 12 years, you hear “But so much hobo activity around the courthouse!”

    It’s true people on the streets are victims of crime at unconscionable rates. But I know none of you comfortable white dudes is here uncomplaining about that. You’re promoting the false belief that people on the streets are the cause of crime and that people in houses are the victims of all this supposed crime. False.

    Your car is half as likely to be stolen as it was 20 years ago and every time the subject of encampments comes up you guys start wailing about your poor defenseless car being victimized. That’s crazy. Well, if not crazy, than kind of senile. Perfect example of how nostalgia can delude you.

    Also a perfect example of online trolls who will flat out lie because they want homelessness criminalized. They think they’re entitled to the privileges of living in a gated community. You’re not, guys. You don’t live in a gated community because you can’t afford it. That’s not Mike O’Brien’s fault. It’s your fault.

    Most people in Seattle have a pretty good understanding of these facts. That’s why nobody who wants to criminalize homelessness can get elected to anything. That’s why that guy who tried to get elected city attorney on the false claim that FBI data proved Seattle has a higher crime rate than similar cities got trounced. Crushed. Embarrassing loss, the kind that you don’t recover from.

    Most voters look around and don’t see a crime wave. Yes, they see a homelessness crisis and a housing shortage, but they aren’t even considering electing anybody who would sic the police on homeless people as a solution to anything. They keep electing people by crushing margins whose goal is to find a way to help homeless people.

    You can call me names if you want but you need to face facts. You’ve been saying the same thing for years and you’ve been failing for years. It’s not working. Learn from failure and find a reality-based approach, and maybe a few voters might start listening to you.

  29. @Elenchos
    Nobody called you names. This sjw victim routine it tiresome, and even if you get insulted it’s a comment thread. Also, you’re still wrong. Property crime stats are flat because nobody reports it anymore because – now breathe deeply and think hard here – everyone is busy working their tails off to afford to live here. We don’t have hours to spend on the phone then talk to an indifferent police officer.

    And, once again, if you owned or operated a brick-and-mortar in the city you would know first hand how much worse things are now. The food truck vendors have issued a statement because THEY ARE GETTING PILLAGED by your precious hobos. Feel free to peruse the other articles on this site. It’s been covered.

    I’m just going to assume you haven’t traveled abroad to cities of comparable size on the same latitude as Seattle. They do not have Tijuana-level favelas and tweaker idiots wandering around acting with impunity. It’s clear you’re accustomed to a level of scuzz that some of us find disgusting and often hazardous. You’re “gated communities” comment is a pretty clear indicator that you have the usual, social justice brainwashed, low expectations for neighborhoods. That’s ok. As much as I know your way of thinking has helped turn this city downwards, I would still come to your aid or help you change a flat tire. That isn’t something you can count in many places. Just out of curiosity, why are living in Ballard. White Center, Burien, Tukwila are all perfectly safe, right?

    “But I know none of you comfortable white dudes is here uncomplaining about that. ”

    Hmmm. Elenchos, racist much? Why are you speculating on our race, much less commenting on it.

  30. Wow.

    Reading all these comments I almost forgot that Budda Baker’s brother was shot and killed. Currently the suspect is still at large.

    And surprisingly there is absolutely no evidence of this murder having anything to do with: Population Increase, Higher Rents/Property Taxes, Homelessness, Meth, South End Thugs, Race/Hate Crimes, Mike O’Brien, the Rainbow Brigade, Wakanda, Burien Transit Center, Jeff Besos or China buying houses in Seattle for the price of tea.

    RIP Robert Baker

    I hope the perpetrator(s) of this crime is found and prosecuted.

    Nothing like the sensationalism of National News actually hitting home to make people live in fear and lash out at ther neighbors. I have not seen a single comment say what can we do to improve our neighborhood or feel safer. Only what other people need to do or what they think other people are doing or getting away with. The entire comment thread is disgraceful.

  31. “Property crime stats are flat because nobody reports it anymore because [blah blah blah]”

    Ever here of Hitchens Razor? That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You make up a phony crime wave, and when anybody asks for proof, you claim everyone’s too busy to report it. Evidence? None. Except everyone works long hours. The unemployment rate is only like 3.9% or 3.5%, I’ll give you that. Except… isn’t rock-bottom unemployment a sign of a booming economy? Do cities getting eaten alive by crime have economies this good? Shouldn’t crime be lowering property values? Every indicator points in the exact opposite direction.

    “if you owned or operated a brick-and-mortar in the city you would know first hand how much worse things are now”

    Then why is the retail vacancy rate so low? Why the deluge of new restaurants opening? Where are the empty storefronts? The Economist tells me that in 2005 Seattle had fewer than 0.5 food trucks per 100,000 people. By 2017 that number had skyrocketed to over 3 per 100,000. Same article tells me Seattle leads the nation in restaurant growth. Have we talked about $15 per hour yet? The growth rate of foot trucks is 7.9%, four times as fast as restaurant growth. But the foot truck vendors are “getting pillaged”.

    You know, even the team that’s up by 20 at halftime still tries to play the ref. It’s just how the game is played.

    “Feel free to peruse the other articles on this site. It’s been covered.”

    MyBallard gets a lot of hits out of sensationalizing crime. I would note the big difference: in the 80s and 90s, local TV news boosted their ratings with grisly multiple homicides. MyBallard’s bread and butter is tire slashings, dog poop on lawns.

    Why are you assuming I live in Ballard? Why are you assuming anything about me? Am I your problem? Not at all. Your problem is the 60% of District 6 voters who re-elected Mike O’Brien. Or the 74.95% — let’s just call it an even 75% — of city wide voters who rejected Scott Lindsay’s flawed argument that Seattle crime is higher than comparable cities.

    Maybe the reason 3 out of 4 voters have no time for this kind of argument is that they see right through the kind of nonsense behind sniffing “racist much” when someone points out that white privilege exists. When you talk about “a level of scuzz that some of us find disgusting and often hazardous,” your problem isn’t me or whatever you imagine is wrong with me. Wherever I live and whatever countries I’ve traveled to. Nothing about me is standing in your way.

    Your problem is the “some of us” part of what you said. The exact quantity of that “some”. A guy campaigned on precisely the platform you’re claiming: crime. And that guy, Scott Lindsay, only got “some” of Seattle to believe any of it. One fourth. The only ray of — kind of hope — you guys had was Tim Burgess, the only person in government who even *kind of* had any sympathy for this phony crime wave hysteria. This phony terror of tweakers. And Burgess has had it. Even he, who in no way supported the false claims you guys make but at least wanted clear sidewalks, realized the rest of the city wants none of it. None.

    If the kind of put-downs and slurs and dismissive remarks you make about me — “social justice brainwashed” and “racist” and provincial — are because I don’t buy the phony crime wave hysteria (it’s a symptom of senility, by the way), then that’s your opinion of 75% of Seattle. How does that feel? You walk down the street, you go into a theater or a store, and 75% of your fellow citizens disgust you. SJWs all! So lonely you must be.

    Go ahead and sneer at me. Your Mike O’Brien recall is going down in flames as you waste your time repeating failed arguments on local blogs. Nobody who thinks like you stands a chance of getting a city council seat next election. Or mayor, or city attorney.

    Get some new material. It’s not working. The voters know the facts. If you want more police or more jails or whatever it is, that’s fine. It’s fine. You can ask for that. Maybe we need that. But make an argument based on facts. Reality.

  32. I’m as angered by MOB’s ruinous policies as the next guy (he promotes policies that incentivize displacement and gentrification while claiming to be a champion of the poor. What a joke!). Despite my dislike of MOB, I don’t see a connection between his role as a Seattle CM and this tragic shooting. The shooting victim had only been released from a seven year prison stint (for armed robbery) in 2016; also most murders are committed by people known to victims. These facts suggest that someone from the victim’s past is likely responsible for his shooting, not some unhomed or RV-dwelling local.

  33. Ballard does not have to be a haven for bums and criminals.
    Our city council has made it that way, and they continue pushing it down that path as fast as they can.
    And enough of our neighbors support them that we haven’t been able to stop them, much less fix the problem.
    And it is fixable.
    So it is getting worse, and will continue to worsen until our neighbors wake up.
    I have a kid, and I’m not waiting. We’re leaving.
    Goodbye Ballard.

  34. I look at faces in Ballard and I know some of them are @truth, @Elenchos, @Ballard Response Team, and other “Trolls, and I just detest them. I don’t know where they are or who they are, but I know that I have way more enemies then I thought. People with grimey little argumentative mouths, that sound like a thesaurus read in alphabetical order, trying to impress people with their mouths. I just truly hate them. I hope there will come a day when they can no longer hide, when it is written on their foreheads, “I am an enemy, I love to foul things up, look how I can make words!”
    I think of Christmas, or Thanksgiving, and I know these people will be the first to be nice on a official nice day, and will be the first to look good, glad handing and smiling, the first to sit at the appropriate table in the elementary school lunchroom.

    My comments were about the comments, and yes they were about homelessness, Ballard, drugs, parking, discrimination, and coddling of hateful mouthy lazy bigots.

    I’m not any of that, and I’m not coddling them or feeling guilty that they don’t have enough money to get on the bus because they spent it on beer/meth, or feeling sorry for them that they have no other life to live but crime, and enslaving girls into meth/heroin,crack and prostitution, and gloating, laughing about it openly and loudly because their slaves are white girls.

    I am not stupid, and I am not an A-Hole, but I don’t want to live anywhere near 1,000 of them, and I don’t know who they are, but they are on here commenting. They make me sick with their lies and childish provocations.

  35. I think you’re the one lying. You’re clearly making up these phony stories of “black on white hate crime”. You can’t even name one single case of this ever happening. Not one. Your only evidence is — somehow! — the lack of evidence.

    “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” True as ever.

    You sound like a racist white supremacist with paranoid fantasies. You make false claims, and when your false claims are dismantled before your eyes, you fume and rage. No matter how angry you claim to be, your false claims are still false. Truth isn’t something that comes into existence just because you’re an emotional wreck.

    Either cite one example, or admit you made it up.

  36. loudmouthed pretend-blind bigot. Nazi-collaborator. Cite that Dennis the Menace. Ugly complex. Belligerent incorrigible. You and I don’t like your face. I stand here and see and report your Nazi salute. I would like to see you and your “friends” given the medicine that your same stupid populations gave to the fascists and collaborators after the war. Don’t EVER ask me to change your tire. Real life will surprise you, disgusting troll.

  37. Um, ok. Word salad, but ok.

    So are you going to admit you made it up or not? Yes or no? Give a straight answer to a simple question.

  38. @Hashtag: You come on a neighborhood blog, crap all over our neighborhood, make sensationalist claims that our neighborhood and city are going to hell (with no proof to boot), attack and impersonate people…but somehow YOU’RE the victim here?

    But it doesn’t stop there, nope, you’re going to act all manly and get TOUGH ON THE HOMELESS™ to solve the problem, so you’re also a hero to boot!

  39. @elenchos @truth

    You are fully aware that you are a Bigot Sympathizer.
    Not only do you submit with your right arm, you submit with your mind, piece
    of garbage.

  40. Yes, yes, you’re angry. So, so angry. But are you going to man up and answer the question? Have the courage to admit nobody is getting away with black on white hate crimes. You made it up, didn’t you?

  41. @Sockpuppet: You got me, I’m a bigot! What a fantastic, well thought out counter argument!

  42. @elenchos @truth

    If you want my comment on the hate crime situation in the United States, I can do that:
    African-Americans are extremely more likely to commit violent crime, as of 2018.
    And I mean WAAAAAAAY more likely, statistically.
    This is because of the culture of coddling them, and politicians fearing to make them
    riot, or be angry.
    African-Americans have so many programs, funding, housing, and schooling handed to them
    simply because they are African-Americans. This is bigotry.
    They and their belligerent parents train them to grab, and take, and walk away laughing.
    They and your excuses for themselves are, “White People make me do it.”
    I would liken it to be more like an obese person that has a whole homicidal Obese Culture
    backing her up, making the excuse for her belligerence and hatred for beautiful people
    A Reason to poke every thin person’s eyes out, so that no one will be able to see that they are obese.

    I posit that those belligerent bigots, and you, their cultural backup look at yourselves in thew mirror in the morning, don’t like what you see, and go about your day taking your ugliness out on others.

    Define beautiful. What makes a flower beautiful?
    Define ugly. What makes a hammerhead shark ugly? What makes a pug ugly? What makes an angry
    barking, unclean DOG ugly, as a matter of fact?
    Beauty and ugliness are things we live with, but can’t define why we like them or hate them.
    It is up to ugly people to decide who’s fault it is that they are ugly, and to decide what they want to do with
    what they have been given.
    It is not White people’s fault. If you and they really believed it was you would attack people in person, and you would attack people that were big or small, powerful or not powerful, armed or unarmed. You wouldn’t just pick on nice white people minding their own business.
    now that’s a Punk, Bigot Sympathizer.
    The State will never help us in a culture of trolls like you, because that is the way The State works, that’s the way everything works. Carrying a camera around 24 hours a day will, though, in court. (unfortunately, and those are all things that YOU have caused. You have caused nice, law-abiding people to surveill themselves for their own safety’s sake, 24 hours a day. YOU little troll brats, have caused young children to kill themselves online.
    You talk politics like if it was wrong, then they (the state) would agree and stop these things from being this way.
    Haven’t you seen those pictures of Ukrainian Jewish girls and their brothers, and their mothers, on way to school, or shopping, being beaten to death and lynched by mobs of “ordinary people?”
    The State didn’t help them. The State encouraged it, The media encouraged it, and YOU trolls came out to play cowboys and Indians, And YOU showed your face. And YOU were hung.
    In my mind you are a murderer.

  43. Simon, I keep asking you to cite one single example of anybody getting away with black on white hate crime in Seattle, and instead you post long screeds denouncing the inferiority of black people. Your argument consists of saying white people are better than black people, because… because why? Because you say so. Because you believe it really really hard.

    So you believe really really hard in white supremacy. You’re a white supremacist This is why Slog keeps deleting your comments, Simon.

    The basic point of all this is that Safe Seattle is a hate group, and its members are Trumpers and Tea Partiers and a few old school Republicans. They are motivated by racism, and by scapegoating of anybody they don’t identify with. The reason their candidates, Catherine Wheatbrook, Scott Lindsay, Harley Lever, and their ilk, keep failing spectacularly is that they fail to fool anybody. They’re trying to sell right-wing Republican lunacy to people who find everything about wingnut Republicans disgusting.

    They deny all of this, just like they deny their lies about crime, lies about city policy, lies about our elected officials, lies about drugs, lies about homeless people, lies about minorities, and even lies about things they actually said on video tape in front of a huge crowd not three days ago. Classic Donald Trump. Just say you didn’t say what you said.

    Anybody holds their feet to the fire about all these lies, and they bury themselves. They can’t help but reveal that they are white supremacists who want to live under a strongman police state.

    I don’t post here as a public service. Nobody in Seattle needs me to explain anything to them so they know not to vote for white supremacists. Nobody is going to vote for hate buffoons. I just enjoy watching you clowns make fools of yourselves. I enjoy it when I ask you to answer a simple question, and instead you try to bully me into silence, hoping you can scare me or harass me enough to leave you alone. And you’re too dumb to figure out it doesn’t work.

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