Woman raped in car dealership bathroom

Updated: A woman was raped inside the bathroom at Carter Volkswagen on Leary Way on Monday morning, according to court documents.

The 40-year-old woman had taken her car in for service just after 7 a.m. After getting some coffee, she went to the restroom, which is in a temporary area due to ongoing construction.

After following her into the women’s bathroom, a homeless man forced open the stall door despite the woman’s best efforts to hold it closed, according to the documents.

After hearing the commotion, employees ran to the bathroom, but the door was locked. According to the probable cause documents, the suspect admitted to locking the door after he walked in.

“They got the door open and a few employees came to her aid,” said Jennifer Moran, executive manager at Carter Volkswagen. “They detained him until police arrived.” A customer also helped detain the man.

The suspect was identified by KOMO News and Q13 as Christopher Edward Teel. Court documents say he admitted to the rape and was “resisting, aggressive and non-compliant” with officers. His address listed in the police report is “99999 Homeless St. Seattle.”

Teel is shown on King County Jail records as being booked for charges of rape, assault and unlawful imprisonment. He also shows a prior arrest for trespassing in a home in Magnolia.

A November story in the Seattle Times shows photos of a “Chris Teel” as a resident of Ballard Nickelsville. The man is shown getting ready for the move to the Northlake Nickelsville camp.

The woman was taken to Ballard Swedish Hospital.

“We’re shaken,” Moran told My Ballard, who says her thoughts are with the victim. “The effects on all the employees are no where near what this customer was assaulted is experiencing. There’s a widespread concern about her.”

Moran said she’s also concerned about the rising homelessness and crime in the neighborhood.

“We’re a company that’s been around since the 1960s, and nothing like this has happened,” she said. “We used to not see tents on the sidewalks, or part of the sidewalk, even a couple years ago. And now we do. We see an increased number of vehicles that people are living in. The challenge that creates — not all of them are bad and criminal, but some of them are. And we’re trying to navigate through that as employees and a business here in Ballard.”

It looks like the first tip about Monday morning’s rape — which occurred several hours before the head tax vote — appeared on the Safe Seattle Facebook page Tuesday evening. The first media reports appeared this morning.

Seattle Police has yet to post details about the crime online, as it typically does for newsworthy events. We have reached out to SPD, which has yet to respond.

“Ballard is such a great community,” Moran said. “I sure hope that something gets figured out and something changes, because what’s going on isn’t working and getting worse and it’s affecting us greatly.”

Monday’s rape is the latest in a series of crimes in the Leary Way area of Ballard. Last month a man was shot and killed just two blocks away from Carter Volkswagen. A week before that, a man was found murdered in a camper on 15th Ave. near the bridge. In November on Leary Way, a man was set on fire and critically injured.

Last year a sex offender was arrested for attempting to rape a woman in the Golden Garden’s restroom. He was sentenced in March.

(File photo from Google Maps)

102 comments on “Woman raped in car dealership bathroom”

  1. > See upcoming events in our Ballard calendar <

  2. Does Mike O’Brien have a statement on this disgusting example of violence against women?

  3. Conveniently not in the police blotter on Monday as to shield the truth from the public as a vote was carried to extort businesses for a head tax.

    Vote. O’Brien. Out.

    I’m so tired of this clown. Hire some officers and clean Ballard up… don’t attract people here… as this rapist was. Followed a 40 year old women out here from Texas.

    Nice Mike.

    Keep it up.

  4. I look forward to Mike O’Brien’s comment. How does he plan on keeping Ballard residents safe. He tells people to call the police. Ballard residents have informed O’Brien that the police simply do not show-up.

    Perhaps it is time to vote O’Brien out of office.

  5. Terrifying! I hope this poor woman gets the support she needs to deal with this traumatic event.

  6. @JOHN KLINE – Since not all crimes are added to the blotter in real time, please share your evidence to support the conspiracy. Also, he did not follow her…he came here from Texas, but it was stranger-on-stranger here. Outrage at this is great, but it’s still no excuse for spinning a crazy quilt from Dori’s threads.

  7. Any coincidence that the dealership is next door to the Ballard Food Bank?

  8. Time for Ballard to deannex from Seattle, maybe Shoreline would still take us? We need a functioning police department and school system. Seattle offers neither.

    At a minimum we need to bring in a private police force like they did in Magnolia and Queen Anne to enforce basic laws. The only laws SPD is capable of enforcing are related to parking…unless you live in your car and you are free to park for as long as you want, wherever you want.

  9. I am fake OUTRAGED!

    Why isn’t there a police officer stationed in every temporary bathroom in Ballard!

  10. Nick.. gotta do your homework before you let O’Brien of the hook. Please educate yourself… or simply let that little kid in your avatar run around under the Ballard Bridge for a few minutes.

    You’ll clue in really quick why O’Brien needs to go.

  11. Nick, what is wrong with you? Why don’t you give us something positive about O’Brien?

  12. If you assert that O’Brien is somehow responsible for this rape then you are on the hook for explaining that.

  13. Castrate the guy! Hang the parts removed over the door at the Ballard Food Bank.

  14. “…one tackling the gentleman…”. Gentleman? Great reporting My Ballard! Ugh!!

  15. You call the rapist a “gentleman” Wow! That’s not what I would call him.

  16. Nick. its liberals like you who need to be spoon fed that are really frustrating. Its not a hard storyline to follow.

    O’Brien. Sawant. Bagshaw. All of them are the problem and responsible for the vagrants, homelessness, and drug addiction that lead to these types of crimes.

    Open up a paper or turn on the radio. Turn on your brain and the lights out on O’Brien’s political career.

    Save Shilshole!

  17. It’s O’Brien’s policies of enabling this crap, Nick. If he’s going to call these campers “vulnerable community members,” he better be ready to be called out on that.

  18. LOL, “the police are worthless and never show up!” Except they came right away and captured this guy.
    “Mike O’Brien is responsible for everything!” LMFAO It turns out it Is your fault. If you want change, then make change happen.

  19. Mike O’Brien didn’t cause homelessness in Seattle, nor are all homeless responsible for this rape. Grow up.

  20. Nick is the troll this community needs. No one is responsible! Blame is not to put on anyone. Continue on. Nothing to see here.

    Get real son.

  21. For those mentioning the “gentleman” comment, that’s a direct quote from the manager at Carter Volkswagen when she spoke (very emotionally) on KIRO Radio.

    Quote marks that reference a person = direct statement from that person.

    We’ll also take this opportunity to remind everyone of our comment rules, and to please try to keep things civil: http://www.myballard.com/comment-rules/

  22. According to Dori Monson’s program the perp – Christopher Edward Teel – is originally from Texas. Was previously arrested by SDP for breaking into, stealing everything, and living in a Magnolia home- he was only charged with criminal trespass(not burglary) and let go for some reason. He never showed at the court date and had an outstanding warrant for the criminal trespass charge when he was arrested following the Ballard bathroom rape. Apparently there is also a photo circulating of him at a Nicholsville camp using free taxpayer services. According to 97.3fm, Illegal campers are not routinely checked for outstanding warrants by SPD – I dont know if this guy had the arrest warrant while he was at Nicholsville or not but the bottom line is he never should have free in Seattle following the Magnolia burglary.

  23. “I can’t wait to read Elenchos’s take on this.”

    It will be along the lines of “you have a far greater chance of being raped by an uncle than a houseless person. Just ask my nephews!”

  24. Rapists, junkies, arsonists…and now of course a brand new tax to fund more of this insanity.

    Had enough yet?

  25. @Paul, In an ideal world, he would have been picked up by the police for an outstanding warrant, but they probably didn’t have the time/resources to pick him up (trespassing/burglary isn’t considered a violent crime so probably not high on the priority list to get off the streets). We need more police (remember all the articles that we have one neighborhood beat cop) — but how do we pay for this in our growing city? Increase property taxes, head taxes, usage fees?

    P.S. We can’t incarcerate all the homeless for being homeless– the jails become overcrowded and then we have to release folks who are in for non-violent crimes. (Or we have to build more jails, which cost money)

  26. Nick:

    Please meet me in Ballard and let’s have a walk around. Let me know where to meet you.

  27. Actually, someone here floated the best beginning for a temporary solution I’ve yet to hear. I, like everyone else, wants to help those who are homeless but trying. If we could check everyone in the tents, RV’s, and Nicklesville’s for warrants, and lock them up, we should (in theory) be able to better allocate our ‘tax dollars for the homeless’ to those who really deserve (or at least need) them.
    This takes manpower, money, and jail space, none of which we have. However, it’s logical, and could be a stepping stone for improvement in how we allocate our tax dollars for the homeless.

  28. @Guest
    It never ceases to amaze how apologists for the city’s failed leadership argue against assertions that Seattle has “revolving door justice” by citing conditions that, in sum, exactly amount to revolving door justice. Ofc Guzley was suspended for 2 days for tackling a lunatic wielding a stolen ax from REI. He didn’t shoot (“aim for the leg” says people who have never used a firearm) and took the perp into custody without injury, yet he was punished by on overzealous internal commission. Now, you tell me if this kind of thing HELPS create an culture of proactive crime prevention and law enforcement. I’ll wait.

    To pretend that this city is lawless and punishes both citizens and police for protecting themselves is a level of intentional blindness that rivals anything I’ve seen from the Republicans. The entrenched leadership here is toxic and dangerous. Listen to your neighbors and vote these criminally negligent politicians OUT OF OFFICE.

  29. “I can’t wait to read Elenchos’s take on this.”

    I bet you can’t. You can hardly contain your glee, eh?

    A member of a group you are prejudiced against has committed a crime, and you think this is a golden opportunity to blame the entire group, and attack anyone who has ever opposed prejudice and bigotry against then.

    Safe Seattle is a hate group, straight out of the Jim Crow era of lynchings.

    It has always been wrong to round up whole classes or groups of people because a privileged group fears and despises them. It doesn’t matter if it’s because of their race, or nationality, or religion or because they are homeless.

    Rape is a terrible crime. So is lynching. Exploiting a rape to flog your phony agenda is disgusting.

  30. @Elenchos
    Yes, here you are with vitriol and accusations against your neighbors, yet you have none for the rapist or the other felons dwelling all over the city. It’s really a new low, even for you.

  31. To amend my previous post “to lock them (meaning the ones with warrants out for their arrest) up.” Not check all the homeless and lock them all up. Just the ones with outstanding arrest warrants.

  32. Of course the most important thing in all of this is that I did not do it, and am not responsible for this.

  33. Surely you have another barrel to empty. Probably just catching your breath…I’ll wait.

  34. “We see an increased number of vehicles ”
    -from someone who sells cars?

    I can’t believe you guys are citing Safe Seattle Facebook as if that’s a legitimate news source

  35. Lol..99999 Homeless Street. Too bad that’s not a real place that we can send them all to so they’d go away.

  36. @BALLARDISDYING – The food bank doesn’t open to the public until 2pm on Mondays. Nice try though.

  37. @ELENCHOS – thank you for voicing what so many of us feel. I don’t usually read the comments, and therefore don’t typically respond to these threads, but I want you to know that it’s appreciated. The Safe Seattle Facebook page is so full of hate and anger that it makes me question what has happened to this city… or whether we are simply experiencing what has also been happening across the country in recent years – permission to hate groups of people publicly and an echo chamber for doing so.

  38. Ah, merely saying rape is a terrible crime isn’t nearly enough of a perfomative denunciation for Safe Seattle’s fake outrage squad. Aren’t you the same ones forever squawking “virtue signaling!!!” whenever anyone you don’t like takes a stand against the staus quo?

    Let’s tally the sockpuppet virtue signaling: first post? Any mention of the victim? Nope. His first thought is not for her, but for his enemy. “How can I use this against O’Brien?” Second sock post? O’Brien again. Long post, yet no room for one word of support for the victim herself. Third post: more of the same. Zero imagination.

    Finally, the regular socks let up long enough for a normal human to say a word of sympathy for the person who we should really be concerned about.

    But that doesn’t last. We’re baaaaaack with another ghoul working down their enemies list. “Maybe I can use this against some guy on the Internet! I’ll win my flamewar and be a hero!” Sad.

    And so it goes, on and on. Internet Tough Guys trying to out virtue signal each other with their macho posturing. Showing off how violently you would lynch the rapist.

    Obsessive revenge against rapists isn’t about preventing rape or helping victims. It’s about you, your slighted honor. Families commit honor killings against rapists because they see it as an offense against them. Harm to “their” property.

    Extravagant punishment of rape is just honor killing. It’s just another facet of rape culture. Yet another objectivation of women’s bodies.

    You perceive this as a failure of your rival: a rape on his watch is emasculating to Mike O’ Brien. He didn’t protect “his” women. Score a point against Mike! (You know he’s not even on the public safety committee, right? Never has been, not is he police chief or mayor. It doesn’t begin to make a lick if sense to drag him into it.)

    (And he doesn’t profit from homelessness, because that’s just stupid.)

    You have nothing to say about this woman who is the one who really matters. To you, this is all about your rivals, the rapist, and your own magnificent self. You’re here to advocate mass incarceration, lynching, and police bullying of powerless people in need. Because you ever cared about violence against women? Hardly. It’s because you find homeless people inconvenient, and an easy tool to use against liberal Seattle in favor of right wing politicians.

    Why won’t MyBallard permanently block these flame warriors? Every post turns into a flamewar between them and their enemies.

  39. So yeah, homeless guys rapes someone in Ballard. That’s on O’Brien

    But I missed the blame for the murder of Robert Baker, who are we pinning that one on?

    Also, my lights and pump were stolen off my bike a few days ago. Since its cycling related can I still pin that one on McGinn??

  40. What does Mike O’Brien have to do with this? The hands-off policies that he and other members of the city council support have created a welcoming environment for criminals. A big part of the reason people were so angry at the recent meeting in Ballard is that many have contacted O’Brien repeatedly about the worsening public health and safety in his district, and have been largely ignored. O’Brien has made it clear that public safety is not a priority for him.

    Monday’s rape is just the latest in a horrific string of crime that have occurred in his district, on his watch, over the past two and a half years. Those include:

    – April 2018 – man found shot to death in camper parked on 15th Ave. NW; a little more than a week later, a man is gunned down outside a Ballard nightclub
    – April 2018 – a postal carrier is robbed at gunpoint, his wallet and phone stolen, while making deliveries in north Ballard
    – November 2017 – homeless man sets another man on fire on Leary Way; both men were believed to be living in vehicles in the area
    – August 2017 – a person is stabbed at Ballard Commons; the same week, a homeless man sets the portapotty next to the children’s spray area in the park on fire
    – March 2017 – beating and attempted rape of a female jogger in a bathroom at Golden Gardens by a homeless convicted rapist from Arizona
    – April 2017 – Kirstyn Outen, a 29-year-old mother of two, is allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Bill Harrell, in an RV parked off Leary Way. Harrell had a lengthy criminal record in other states and the pair, who had recently moved to Seattle from Tennessee, had come to the attention of SPD several times; they were offered services but refused them
    – December 2016 – homeless woman living in the grounds of St. Luke’s church in Ballard allegedly attacks an elderly neighborhood woman walking by
    – September 2016 – the candy shop next to Ballard Commons, Sweet Mickey’s, is robbed at gunpoint
    – August 2016 – man arrested for threatening to kill families with children at Ballard Common
    – July 2016 – homeless man knocks a Ballard resident unconscious near Ballard Commons
    – April 2016 – man high on meth and PCP kicks in a window at La Isla restaurant on Market Street in Ballard and slashes two people with glass
    – February 2016 – Fred Nesbitt, an 87-year-old crossing guard from Ballard, is attacked by a homeless convicted felon while shopping at the QFC on Holman Road and later dies of his injuries
    – November 2015 – Ballard woman Ann Zachariasen dies of an overdose outside an RV parked near the Ballard Bridge; the two men living in the RV are charged with dumping her body in a shopping cart nearby to avoid drawing attention to drug activity in their motorhome

    We need to hold O’Brien and the rest of city council accountable for policies that are encouraging criminal behavior and endangering people.

  41. @Elenchos Nice overcompare to gin up the super lefties who have no idea what they are talking about. You’re looking for a reason to get pissed off by resurrecting an issue that is not applicable at all. None here.
    But please, if it makes you feel better, continue your activist banter and over exaggerate. I’ve gotta get back to my sandwich. Or as you would describe it, the raping of innocent roast beef and lettuce from the backs of Mexican slaves and bread stolen from native Americans all repressed by Safe Seattle.
    Grow up.

  42. @TicToc
    Baker was incarcerated for assault with a firearm over some minor debt he tried to collect, so in all likelihood he was involved in a deal gone bad or killed in a reprisal. The local activist tax fans went out of their way to portray him as some hero because he coached at some point and had children.

    I’m more interested in the burglar who caused the lock down at Ballard High the other day. The incidents are becoming so common, that sadly it is hard to keep up with them.

    Remember, according to the strange rules of the Far Left, getting angry at rapists, thieves, arsonists and murderers isn’t “OK” it’s “hate”.

    Tone policing reigns supreme in Seattle.

  43. @Nick – council member O’Brian supports policies that make Seattle a top destination for junkies, sex offenders and folks with criminal records wanting to live somewhere to avoid arrest. If the alleged perpetrator would have broken into a house and squatted in whatever small texas town he came from, the cops would have drove around until they found him when he missed his court date. Here, you commit a crime, and if you live in an RV or in a tent, you can’t be asked any questions or even be ID as having a warrant out for your arrest, because @Elenchos and the like would cry profiling and sue.

    Actions that need to happen in Seattle

    1) Have SPD report on property crime under $250 — currently this type of crime is omitted from all SPD reports. Check their published reports, and you will see an “*” then if you go to the back of the annual report, it states that property crimes are defined as over $250.

    2) Make receiving Seattle homeless services (city sanctioned housing, tent camping or from a non-profit distributing services) contingent on a police officer checking your ID to make sure we are not giving things away to folks with a warrant out for their arrest. Other non-profits could elect not to take the cities money and not do the screening.

    3) Schedule more community groups to do clean-ups. Right now, everyone complains about the trash eye-sores around town in the parks and greenbelts, but there is no real engagement to get regular citizens to take some civic pride and clean up the area.

    4) Push back on WA state and King county to help solve the problem. Most of the homeless in Seattle, were not born or recently lived in Seattle before becoming homeless. If we need affordable housing in the region, why build it in downtown on 3rd avenue when you could build it in Puyallup for a fraction of the cost.

    5) Crack down on camping in parks. These are public spaces for everyone to enjoy. That’s the basic definition of a public space, its for the public. Baker Park in Crown Hill (behind the Safeway) is normally overrun with homeless, and is no longer a park, and has essentially become 7-10 people’s property they live on.

    6) Create a non-jail detention/ forced dry space to send people to if they commit a crime while drunk or high.

    7) Increase the beat cop staffing. The recent head tax could have been received much better if a portion of it was to increase SPD headcount.

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