New exhibit ‘Fintiaanit’ opens today at Nordic Museum

A new exhibit at the Nordic Museum opens today which documents descendents of Finnish immigrants and Native Americans in the American Midwest. Fintiaanit is the joint project of reporter Maria Seppälä, writer Katja Kettu, and photographer Meeri Koutaniemi, who spent three years exploring Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, learning about the lives of the descendents in North America.

From the Nordic:

Arriving at the turn of the 20th century, Finnish immigrants settled in this region to work in the mines and forests of the Upper Midwest, where they gradually forged bonds with members of the Ojibwe tribe. The two groups shared an intimacy with nature and a similar view of the world.

The exhibit, running now until October 8, is based on the project book In the Land of the FinndiansTo learn more about current and future Nordic exhibits, visit their website.


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Lex Seneff
Lex Seneff

I don’t need to see this, I already saw the Thor movies.