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Good automechanic?

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  1. phoo


    I've been taking my Toyota down to the Tire and Brake folks down 15th in Interbay. They seem to do good work with reasonable prices. However, there is a chronic problem they have which is causing me to look around for a place in ballard that is also competent with decent prices.

    Every time I've called down there, told them the reason I want to come in (usually oil and maintenance), they've noted the reason and made me an appt. Then my other half comes in at the appointed time, gives them the name and they have zero record of the appointment or issue. Now he's in the position of trying to explain what he thinks I think is going on. They always take the car at that time (leading me to believe they arent writing down appts for anyone).

    Has anyone else had experience with Affordable Tire and Brake and what is your favourite place in Ballard for maintenance and light repair work on a Toyota?

    Posted 3 years ago #