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10 Rules for Living in your Vehicle (by VanGuy)

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  • Started 2 years ago by VanGuy
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  1. VanGuy


    10 Rules for living in your vehicle

    To me, this is all common sense.

    Rule 1
    Never park overnight in front of anyones house or any business.

    Rule 2
    Keep everything inside the vehicle. Nothing outside,no spit, no garbage, no cigarette butts, no chairs, no tables, no generators, no couches, no swimming pools, etc

    Rule 3
    Don't have wild drinkin' sex drug parties

    Rule 4
    only pee or poo in the proper facilities. Not right outside your door. (Duh!)

    Rule 5
    Keep your vehicle licensed and running. And follow all parking rules.

    Rule 6
    Be polite and friendly to EVERYONE!

    Rule 7
    always Keep the vehicle clean, inside and out.

    Rule 8
    Clean around your parking spot even if it's not your garbage. Everyone will assume it's yours.

    Rule 9
    Always keep yourself clean and not smelly.

    Rule 10
    Enjoy myself! I have the day off!

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