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Stolen dog information transfered from the dog theft thread

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  • Started 2 years ago by lifeisamazing
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  1. lifeisamazing


    I hope it's OK with you LY. I'm giving this it's own thread because everyone that might be interested in keeping an eye out may not be reading the other one.

    Here is the Craigslist and Facebook links with pictures. So scary that it didn't run off but was actually stolen.


    From the FB page: http://www.facebook.com/HelpFindNahla

    Nahla went missing in front of a business on 45th NE on 9/27 between 8-8:30pm. She is a 3 year old female Australian shepherd/ husky mix. She is not from Seattle and does not know her way around! Mary, her owner, and Nahla were planning on stopping in Seattle for just a few days to visit old friends before heading home to Colorado. After Nahla went missing Mary stayed another week and a half out
    here to try to find her. She now has to go home to see her dad, as he is getting deployed to Afghanistan mid October. She plans to drive back to WA to keep the search up.

    Things we have done so far in attempt to find her:
    - Made a police report (within the first 15 mins she went missing)
    -Made flyers (within the first hour she went missing)
    -Have posted hundreds of flyers throughout Wallingford, Greenlake, and the U District as well as some flyers in other areas of Seattle.
    -Have visited local animal shelters
    -Contacted Animal Control
    -Posted numerous ads on craigslist about her
    -Made about 4,000 mini flyers that we've put in local businesses and have been handing out to the public.
    -Mary has e-mailed over 3,000 businesses and news companies to try to garner support.
    -Contacted about 90 veterinarians in the surrounding area
    -Posted on neighborhood blogs throughout Seattle about Nahla
    -Enlisted the help of Pet Amber Alert, petfinder.com, and of a pet psychic
    -Posted large neon "missing dog" signs
    -Mary made herself a human billboard by attaching two large neon poster boards to herself, advertising her missing dog then walked the streets of Seattle to get attention and support.
    -On several occasions Mary has stayed out on the streets all night looking for Nahla. When she does sleep she is jarred by nightmares of what could be happening to her dog.

    If you have any further suggestions on what we could be doing we'd love to hear it, and if you want to help us continue on any of these efforts we would greatly appreciate your help!!! ALSO PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT NAHLA! Anything you can do to spread the word helps!
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