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weird election season

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  • Started 2 years ago by eric
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  1. eric


    was just berated (gently, i guess) by someone pushing some political idea or another on my own porch because i wasn't interested in stopping my dinner to speak with him or willing to give him a time later in the evening when i'd prefer....

    this snivling little facebooker told me i didn't respect folks like him because i was honest and said i didn't appreciate this approach. i was direct but polite.

    i have an obama sign in my yard, and he kept trying to guilt me saying that i'd vote for obama and not respect this guy working the community, etc. i told him more than once that i appreciated his efforts, but please leave me alone. he got more smarmy and agitated.

    parties aside, does this idiot think he's HELPING "his" cause? really pissed off. little bearded man working earl ave near 77th.

    can't wait until the robocalls, calls to check on who i may vote for, mouthy door to door salesmen are over.

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