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Thugs hanging in alley by Elect Bldg off 14th & 63rd

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  • Started 2 years ago by seattletree
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  1. seattletree


    Today a Salmon Bay Elem. student neighborhood/friend of my son's, was attacked and punched in the face pretty bad, behind the Elect Bldg off 14th/63rd. I had noticed in the last few weeks that several older kids had been hanging out in the alley there every day, sitting on the ground with their backs against the Elect Building smoking dope. They don't really hide it when you drive by, they seem to feel invisible. No, I didn't call the cops.. yeah I should have. Today as the 4 kids from Salmon Bay walked home after school, (11-12 years old) one child was asked if he wanted to "buy some weed". He said he wasn't interested and the younger kids tried to walk by real quick. The older boy cornered the kid and punched him pretty badly in the face. My son said he was laying on the street until the other (freaked out) kids with him managed to get him to his feet and run for the house. Our kids were told to "stay away" from that alley because now it is "their turf"... Grrrrr. I call BS to that. So, I plan to make it a part of my dog walk and share this with the neighbors. That's all we need in the neighborhood is a few thugs who beat down little kids. So gee look out and stay out of the alley there when you see the thugs hanging cuz "it's their turf" now... Oh and the mom of the assaulted kid did call the police but the "thug life wanna be" kids vanished. I would be guessing they are BHS kids who should be in class during those hours I see them in the afternoon there, but who knows. I see them around weekdays, 2p-4p as I run errands, etc.

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