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questions on the seawall

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  • Started 2 years ago by bambooboy
  • Latest reply from InBetweenDays
  1. So I was reading about the Alaskan Way Seawall repair proposal. I read that if this repair is not approved, it will stop or at a minimum postpone the tunnel project.
    The first thing I thought was that if they knew the seawall needed repairing in order to finish the tunnel project, and they had to know this, why the hell wasn't it mentioned and included in the cost when they were talking about the total price of the tunnel fit? Seems kind of sneaky to say that we can get a tunnel for "X" dollar amount , when in reality, it can only be completed if you add "Y" dollar amount for the seawall repair to the total.
    I'm surprised I haven't heard this reasoning in print yet.

    Posted 2 years ago #