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2 Basset Siblings Need Good Home (3 years old) (Ballard)

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  • Started 2 years ago by Chickster
  1. Chickster


    More Ballard pets needing to be re-homed...


    My husband and I are looking for a great family to adopt our two pure bred Basset Hounds. They are siblings, one male and one female. We had them since they were puppies and they are now 4 years old. They have great personalities and are extremely friendly with other dogs and kids/people.

    Charlotte is the female and she is fixed. She has no health issues, though we've put her on a "healthy-weight dog food" plan to maintain her weight. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She lives for cuddles and belly rubs. When we take them to the dog park to socialize, she's the one who goes and finds the dog owners that will let her sit on their feet and get rubs.

    Duke is the male and he is NOT fixed. He is in excellent health condition. He is very loyal and tenderhearted, and loves to spend time with his family and is very playful. He loves to play with other dogs and team up with his sister to chase other pups and the park. Duke is protective in the sense that he will bark/howl if he sees another person near our property or a raccoon or something, he is a great guard dog, though we've never seen either of them be aggressive (they've never needed to be).

    I do separate their food bowls as Charlotte needs to be supervised to make sure she doesn't eat Dukes food. :) They occasionally jump (not on little kids), but only for cuddles because they're trying to get your attention vs. the other one getting your attention/cuddles. They do not dig and are not really destructive, (They are chewers, so they need to have good chews/treats/toys to keep them occupied). They tend to go smell around and Duke will mark his area (outdoors), but other than that they are very drawn to people and their family so they wont wonder off or run away. We leave them in their room for up to 7-8hrs at a time max if we are gone, but again are trying to avoid having that be a usual thing, they won't pee in there unless they REALLY cant hold it anymore, and that has only happened a handful of times and was entirely our fault. We will not separate them as I do think they would have separation anxiety if they were not together, they sit, sleep, eat, play, live together. We have their papers from their parents/bloodline. I believe the dad was AKC, but the mom wasn't.... I will search for paper and we can give them to you also.

    They both are up to date on their vaccinations, we have a plan for them at Banfield in Shoreline where we can provide any medical health history you may need. They are fine on a leash, though we use the "easy-walker harness" to keep them from pulling. They are used to traveling (we have taken them on many trips) via car, they usually just sleep in the bed of the pickup. They are mostly outdoors or in their own "room" as I've developed an allergy to their fur :( and can only play with them for an hour or so and need to shower so I don't break out in hives. When we fostered a cat two years ago, they were scared of it and kept their distance... They are not aggressive or mean dogs in the least. When we visit our family in Idaho on the farm, they are curious about the horses, but we kept the fence between them just in case.

    We are very sad about having to re-home them, as they are amazing dogs. My work keeps me away from home over 60 hrs a week, and my husband travels more than half of the week to the other side of the state, leaving them alone for longer than we would like and they deserve. We are looking for someone who can be around the house more often, keep them exercised and play with them often.

    We are asking for a small re-homing fee of 150$ and will want to come and see the place where they will be living. We would like to meet your family and make sure its a good fit for everyone. Please feel free to call Joel at 206-588-9125 or Victoria at 206-588-9131

    Please let us know if you have any more questions or would like to come see them.

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