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Venting, but also curious about doing laundry in a rental

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  • Started 2 years ago by SmartsyArtsy
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  1. I am having a lovely night. I got home a couple of hours ago, checked the laundry room, and it was busy. (only one washer, one dryer). A bit later I checked again. Washing completed. Gave them ½ hr to take clothes and put into dryer. Still in washer, so I took them out and put them in my laundry basket because there was no place else to put them. When my wash was done, the other person's clothes were in the dryer, so I waited until I thought the dryer would be free. It was still going, as was another washing load, so I sat on it waiting. In come a couple who are furious with me for taking their clothes out.

    They tell me that I am rude, offensive, etc. How dare I touch their clothes, and they will not let me use the dryer until their second load is dried. This is their night, blah blah blah. They don't think I should have taken their clothes out no matter how long they sat there. And of course they have another load, do I think they only do one load at a time? No, there are not assigned nights, but once they start doing wash, apparently no one else should expect to.

    They are calling the landlord to get assigned nights. Other neighbors already called the landlord to complain that I was parked too far over (tomorrow is garbage day and I always have to park closer to them so I leave room for the trash collected) UGH I hate living with children.

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