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Reefer Madness Has Begun!

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  • Started 2 years ago by sunhillmama
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  1. sunhillmama


    Perhaps it was a celebration or perhaps it was the new normal, but today in sweet old Ballard on a block where the median age is 70+ at 4pm I looked out my bedroom window to see what clearly was 3 "youths"

    (I'm a terrible judge of age, especially in the teenage/college/fresh out of college age group)

    passing a joint, on the sidewalk, in the broad light of day, right in front of my elderly neighbor's house.

    There are potheads Statewide celebrating I'm sure.

    And I can't remember that time of day that stoners created that was supposedly light-em-up-time, if they're even still doing that or remembering to do that or recalling that they ever did that, but if its 4pm or thereabouts, perhaps it was that too

    But In Broad Friggin DayLight, really?

    Would you be tossing back beers in the middle of the street on a Wednesday?

    I could hear kids playing in that neighbor's neighbor's yard, for pete's sakes.

    Hey Stoners, smokem if you gottem, but keep it classy, eh?

    Go "hot box" in your car like they did back in the day

    But then lock it and call a cab later... keep it safe out there.

    Posted 2 years ago #