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  • Started 2 years ago by VanGuy
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  1. VanGuy


    Hahaha, wow! You guys are like little kids. You have a big pile of toys you never, ever use.(ie the park) Until, of course, someone else wants to use one. Then, you just YANK it from them yelling "MINE!" You don't even use the park, or want to. What would you do there anyway? make up more lies to hurt people who already have it rough?

    It's funny how you guys "know" everything about what goes on here in Ballard... Homeless are rampant, peeing and pooping everywhere, selling drugs, shooting up in the open, drinking, having sex at he park in trade for drugs, blah, blah, blah, lies. The only people who are gullable enough to believe all of your outrageous exaggerations, are those who are here in this chat, buried in their own fear of the unknown. I'm on the streets and I too would not live here if you guys were telling the truth. I'm sure glad you're not, this would be hell! The fact is, Ballard is a great place to live. And, Believe it or not, you CAN be happy and homeless at the same time, who'da thunk?

    I think most of the homeless people are quite harmless. I worry more about the people in this chat room than I do the people out there.

    Why don't you try this...
    work more on your own faults and less on other peoples faults. Guess which one will bring more results?

    Posted 2 years ago #