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Other peoples thoughts regarding the meanness on this forum....

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  • Started 2 years ago by lifeisamazing
  • Latest reply from onederfullone
  1. lifeisamazing


    I'm not talking about trolls. I'm talking about people being nasty. If I'm at a party and someone disagrees with me, I have no problem with a polite interesting exchange.

    I decided to leave this particular cyberparty for a while after being called an ahole, stupid and irrelevant but found I missed some of the other people. I can't figure out how to come to the party and avoid the nasty people.

    And 'just ignore them' isn't reasonable. If there was a party in my noncyber life where I knew that for any comment I made I could be blind sided with a nasty middle school snark or name calling why would I go? I'd just find another time and place to hang out with the interesting, intelligent, friendly people.

    Any thoughts?

    (Wow, this one should really bring them out of the woodwork, anyone want to lay bets on how many posts on this thread are nasty as opposed to nice?)

    Posted 2 years ago #