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Calling All Smart Arses & Witty Members

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  • Started 2 years ago by BuffaloHawk
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  1. BuffaloHawk


    Who is up for this? We could create some serious memories & material from this experience that would carry on for a long time. I am honestly half tempted to check this gig out. I am trying to figure out the over / under on how long we would last if we get on a roll.

    Good Times .. haHa

    On a side not I wish the home page here didn't get censored by Facebook. That blog is not nearly as busy as MyBallard and look at the amount of comments.


    This is the fourth season of the show, where Chef Ramsay tries to help a fledgling restaurant turn around and be more successful.

    Producer Joe Di Lauro contacted us to say they’re looking for people to dine at Yanni’s during filming. To make reservations to eat during filming, diners need to email the producers at seattlerest@gmail.com. Reservations can’t be made through Yanni’s.

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