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Looking for a meeting space in Ballard

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  • Started 2 years ago by Luke
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    I need a meeting space near the water in Ballard. I'll be teaching Job Instruction methods to supervisors from a variety of small marine industry shops around the 'hood. Ideally the space would be near a bar; or, better still, IN a bar.

    Job Instruction is the method used during WWII to train people to build armaments. It's how Rosie the Riveter learned her trade. Job Instruction methods are used these days by skilled workers to train unskilled workers. Many of my classes are held for senior machinists to train replacements.

    I try to keep the atmosphere informal, my students seem to appreciate it. I'll need the space for 3 hours in the afternoon, for four days in a row. If there's interest I might add a morning session. If you know of something, please give me a call. Thanks!

    (206) 370 0730

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