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To my passive-aggressive, nosy old biddy neighbor.

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  1. ronnyj


    Howdy neighbor!

    In case you haven't noticed, Mayor "McSchwinn" has asked all of us Seattle-ites to ride our bikes, the bus, walk and/or carpool to work as many times per week as we can.

    Well, I CAN walk, ride, carpool and do so frequently. Then, after work, I might walk down the street to the grocery store, dinner, drinks with friends, etc. Often times my legally licensed and parked vehicle will sit on the city street in front of my home for days at a time.

    I know you must be a lonely old broad with no friends but if I ever catch you leaving this note on my vehicle one more time, (you've done it twice to me and once to another neighbor) you are going to wish you didn't have batteries in your hearing aid by the time I am telling you what I think of you.

    "You need to move your car Avery(sic) 3 days or you will be ticketed and than(sic) towed. Abandoned vehicles on public properly(sic) 206 684 8763 "

    Mind your business lady, that law is on the books to keep the homeless people in your neighborhood from parking their trashy vans in front of your house and living in them. NOT to keep working class folk from leaving their mid-sized sedans in front of THEIR homes while they are off making a living.

    Please, go enjoy Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy and stop looking out the window; you are going to give yourself a heart attack.

    Thank you.

    Posted 2 years ago #