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How to clean up after Ballard water deposits?

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  1. phoo


    I finally broke down today and turned on my baseboard heaters (blech). Before now, I've been keeping a crockpot full of water going. I started using filtered water after I noticed I ended up with precipitate without filtered water. Even with filtered water, there are white deposits all over the crock and lid (calcium? lime?). I could use CLR to clean it, but I don't have any around and prefer not to use heavy chemicals on my cooking surfaces. I tried boiling vinegar water with no joy. I may try baking soda water, but that's a lot of baking soda and it may still not work. Scrubbing is ineffective enough that I need something else to give me an edge. Cleanser may help, but may also wear away the finish on the crock.


    Posted 2 years ago #