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Is it casing or paranoia?

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  1. phoo


    I've heard people here say to call the (non-emergency) police if someone seems to be casing a place, but I am just not sure if that would help when there's little to go on.

    I just had a case of some dude with one of those very small bikes knock on my door randomly. Lucky for me, I just got a peephole finally, so I didn't have to open my door. He said he was my "new neighbor." I asked him from what unit (cause I know there's only one open), he said "from across the street" and sounded like he was asking for "where is fairview" is or somesuch. I dunno what he was talking about, but my gut said the situation wasn't right, so no door opening, even though it's terribly awkward to yell through door. Why would a neighbor "from across the street" (very vague and there's a church directly across the street) knock on my door randomly for directions?

    Whether I am paranoid or something is hinky, gut says don't open door. But I am not sure it is something that would be reported to the place, since it is technically possible. I might report someone skulking around in a yard that didn't belong there or definitely trying to open windows.

    What is the standard you use to report something to the non-emergency line? Is there a point to reporting it and would they take such a story seriously?

    I looked up the listing of various folks to call at the North precinct and got a hold of one. Apparently, this is one of the times to call 911. I was raised to strictly call 911 only if someone is immediately in danger, so I did not think this was a time to call. It also turns out that I was not the only one to report this guy.

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