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Be prepared to laugh!

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  • Started 2 years ago by lifeisamazing
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  1. lifeisamazing


    OK, my parents died when I was a teenager 15 and 19 - OK, that's not the funny part but hang in there.

    I met my best friend right after my dad died while I was helping to take care of my mother. (ALS) Her mom became my mom for the next 35 years until she became ill and moved in with me 4 years ago and then died.

    Still not funny but it's coming.

    My parents were Italian (dad) and Norwegian (mom) and wonderful people. My second mom was Jewish. She used to tell me, in her New York accent that I was Jewish by ingestion because of all the matzo brei she fed me. She also told me I was totally screwed in the guilt department "poor daling". Said the Jews invented guilt but the Catholics perfected it.

    Any time she would get mad and start yelling at me I would say very quietly with a fake wistful voice "You only don't like me because I believe in Jesus" which would make her even more mad. "Stop that, don't make me laugh or I'll smack you!"

    She was funny,irreverent, smart mouthed and wise. And less than 5 feet tall but don't mess with her. I was so lucky to have had 3 parents.

    Her daughter who is still my best friend/sister sent me this link and said "Oh my god this is Mom!!"

    I laughed so hard I cried. Maybe you had to have a mom like ours to see the humor but I thought I'd throw it out there


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