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  • Started 2 years ago by SunsetHillMarauder
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  1. SunsetHillMarauder


    After nearly two decades of patronizing Gene at Sunset Hill Barber Shop, it is time to move on. I can no longer recommend this establishment to anyone. Gene has always been crass, yet recently things have been degrading severely. He now spends the majority of his time bitching about customers, his business neighbors, and a myriad of other things. On my most recent visit he was describing how the apparently homeless man who broke into his store would either get a bullet in his head, his knees broken then throw in the sound, or his van blown up with him locked inside of it by hired thugs if he ever broke in again. To top it off he does not even pay attention when cutting hair anymore, and good luck getting him to fix what he missed/facebooked up. Customer service is no longer a trait that he seems or cares to possess.

    So. For these reasons, among some others, I am in need of a new barber. After patronizing one small store for twenty some-odd years you tend to miss out on what some of the better options may be in the area. So. The question is: What barber would you all recommend these days around Ballard? I've seen and heard decidedly mixed reviews of Rudy's over the years.

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