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Dumb things you have done

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  1. gracie


    As I opened microwave & saw that the oatmeal I was making had spilled all over the container, all over the microwave (yes, I did clean it) because I put too much in - dumb.

    Reminded me of other things I have done & afterwards to myself go WTF were you thinking- Frypan-grease caught on fire - I carried it to sink (#1 mistake - could have spilled over onto my hand) and I turned water on it(#2 mistake) & poof- flames & no more kitchen curtains.
    2 years ago my front steps were covered with snow and ice underneath. Couldn't scrape it off so I remembered kitty litter works for traction. Poured it all over my steps & porch. Only problem - I used the clumping kind of litter (again not thinking) & it turned into a big slimy mess that took forever to get cleaned.
    So care to share any of your not-the-brightest moments of your life?

    Posted 2 years ago #