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11:55pm, 12/14/12 - Cop tries to pull car over, gets his police car backed into!

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  • Started 2 years ago by Silver
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  1. First I heard the officer ( a John car) ask for a fast back up, and give a license plate number. Then the dispatcher restricted the air to emergency traffic only. Then a bunch of other police units radioed to dispatch that they were on their way. Next, the original officer radios dispatch that the suspect had backed up into his patrol car. Then, after a few seconds of silence, I hear him say that he has them at gun point. A few more seconds go by and other officers start arriving on the scene.

    Scary to listen to!

    Now they have lots of police cars on the scene ( 47th and 1st) and two individuals in cuffs. So that's what all the sirens were about! Oh, and the officer was not injured. ;-)

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