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Embarrassing moments in life

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  1. gracie


    Need a laugh right now. What better than embarrassing moment. I have them all the time - like couple days ago walking into office. Pants I had on a little too big. Hands full & all of a sudden they just fell right off. (this happened few years ago to me with different pants on Elliott as I was walking my dog into Downtown Doggy Spa).
    Twice in Hawaii - once guy showed me how to body surf;I did it but bottoms full of sand. Went in surf, shook them out & put back on. Not until I got back to hotel did I realize on inside out - black two piece and bottoms had big glaring white "panty shield" showing. Second time again body surfing & again bottoms got full of sand. Went out in surf, took them off, shook them off & as I leaned down to put back on is when I noticed I was surrounded by some snorklers. There I am in "all my glory"
    So got one for me?

    Posted 2 years ago #