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OK this is weird but does anyone have a Mastiff or a St Bernard?

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  • Started 2 years ago by lifeisamazing
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  1. lifeisamazing


    My nephew loves Mastiffs and St Bernards.
    For Christmas I want to give him a bit of time playing with one. The problem is I don't know anyone that has one.
    When it comes to animals this kid is amazing. He loves them and they love him. He has been saying that he is going to grow up to save animals since he was 4.
    For birthdays and Christmases I always give him an event with me (rather than yet another toy) and up to now it's been easy
    the zoo
    the aquarium
    the bird rescue
    the pig rescue
    so I've kind of run out of things so I thought a run at a park with one of his favorite dogs would be cool. I thought that until I realized that you can't really just rent one.
    Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. If you have a Mastiff or a St Bernard that wants to be cuddled by a little boy for a bit of time. Let me know! Thanks.

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