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I thought this was weird

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  1. gracie


    Wondering if it's just me thinking this was odd - I was at a house for dinner recently. When she served me a glass of white reisling wine I noticed something floating in it. She asked what I was looking at & I said I think some of the cork is in my glass. She said it was a screw cap & no cork. We both looked closer & it was a small fly & she proceeded to stick her hand in the glass, scoop out the fly & hand me back the glass of wine. Then I was so cold & thought it was just me. Also thought maybe she just got home & furnace hadn't heated up house yet. i was sitting on my hands to keep them warm & she said "you may have noticed I keep my house cold. Are you cold?" Replied yes, as a matter of fact. She laughed & said her last company had to have blankets around them during dinner.
    If me - #1 would have replaced the glass of wine & #2 would have turned up the heat enough where guests hands are not turning blue.

    Posted 2 years ago #