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Shout out to Tori at Habitude.

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  1. biophile87


    Today, I woke up with the need to cut it or shave it (here is a certain critical-mass length that drives me to irrationality). Miracle of miracles, there was an opening at Habitude, in 45 minutes. So I got in with Tori, a $35 "newbie". When the hair gets that long, it just has to go. I knew that I was seeing a less experienced stylist, but I didn't care, supercuts or whatever it's called now was going to be the next step. I know I sound like a hair Prima Donna, but it's not true. It's just that you expect less when it's cheaper, and you expect more when you pay more. I usually go to the GM Institute, so my expectations aren't super high.

    Long story short, Best. Haircut. Ever.

    I freaking love the cut. I'm all shaking my head and tousling my hair ALL DAY. I'm all like, damn I'm hot. I'm all like, OMG, I am SO HAPPY. Yes, I'm like, sober.

    Tori, you are worth way more than $35. Thank you.

    Posted 2 years ago #