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Enjoy.. Perfect Weekend Recipe !!!

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  1. BuffaloHawk


    We have been looking for the best Chai Tea recipe and think we finally found it. It is honestly amazing but the floating flies are not included.

    32 oz water
    32 oz hemp, soy, or almond milk.

    small handful of all:
    green cardamom pods (whole)
    black pepper corns (whole)

    small cinnamon sticks to taste (2 or 3)
    grated ginger to taste
    5 black tea bags

    Boil all ingredients with 16 oz of the water and milk for about 20 minutes or til strong enough for you. then add the rest of the water and milk. Strain the mixture thru a fine strainer, and sweeten to taste.

    Enjoy 2013! Stay healthy happy and smile!


    Posted 2 years ago #