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Another Traffic Island Destroyed

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  • Started 2 years ago by Sunset Hill David
  • Latest reply from Norge
  1. teigyr


    Apparently in this state you don't have to know how to drive around it and you aren't required to go the right way around. And PG, I will lay odds that people hit the center divider on freeways and sue sometimes regardless of how their driving played into it all. Personal responsibility can be lacking.

    Strangely enough, not all traffic circles are allowed to have plants. It depends on access to the sewer system (I think?). Ours is just a cement circle with a sign that keeps getting plowed over so no boulders for me. (FWIW, I'd also like to put traffic spike things for those people who seem to think they don't actually need to go around the circle if they're turning. I know I can't do it but I'd enjoy it. Same goes for having a cell phone jammer, I'd like that too. Please :))

    Posted 2 years ago #