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driving on hills etiquette?

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  • Started 2 years ago by biophile87
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  1. biophile87


    Where I come from, there are many two-laned roads with space for only one car. There are many hills with hairpin curves. There are many drivers. There are also relatively few accidents on these blind, congested one-car wide roads. Why? There is hill etiquette.

    In my retrograde land, we always defer to the uphill driver. Cars can stall, blocking the road. Thus, you let them maintain momentum and make it up the hill first. If you reach opposite sides of the hill at the same time, you defer to the uphill driver. If you, the downhill driver, see the uphill driver coming, but he's 10 seconds away, you defer to the uphill driver. I thought this was universal etiquette, but here, in Seattle, where there are many two-laned roads with space for only one car, and hills, this seems to be a novel idea. Do people really not know this?

    Today I got the finger from an older gentleman with a gray beard -- very elegantly-aging-metro in his European navy station wagon -- I think because I beat him to the strip of street and I was going uphill. I gave a thank you wave, and as a reward I got the bird. The finger? Really? So beneath your dignified groomed beard, man. I'm quite appalled.

    Please enlighten me. Do people not practice this uphill etiquette? Please tell me if I'm being unreasonable / unrealistic. Have at it.

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