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Looking for a house in LH

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  • Started 2 years ago by allisonw
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  1. allisonw


    I know we have a lot of Loyal Heights loyalists here, and my SO and I have just fallen in love with the area. The two houses on 22nd just north of 83rd came to market *just* a little too early for us, but we are ready to go now and have a little more cash on hand than is typical, which might help. We're looking for one of those cute '40s salt box jobbies, ideally either in original condition or flipped. I know, seems like a pipe dream, but the 2 on 22nd that sold in the last couple of weeks both fit the bill.

    We have a pretty flexible budget that puts us into pretty much anything in the neighborhood. We like the wood ones the best, but brick would be fine too.

    So--if you are planning on listing your house, know of any coming to market, or just have an empty one on your block, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email--allisonwoods at earthlink dot net.

    If this seems like a longshot, trust me, ask for something on this forum and eventually there's a good chance it will come to you. Just the other day a fellow MBallardian pinged me to see if I still wanted a dress form, and I am...so that'll be going in my new house. Thanks in advance for any tips. The inventory's crazy tight right now. I plan to walk some blocks next week looking for empty houses.

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