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Tons of womens run clothes, free

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  1. teigyr


    I am culling the herd :) Much of this stuff hasn't been worn. Anything too worn (or that looks worn) is going to Goodwill, I wouldn't pass it off to anyone I know.

    I have a lot of run skirts (I used them for summer/going for walks), I preferred one style over another so the ones I didn't like as much didn't get worn. I also have a lot of run/technical fabric shirts. Some are cuter than others. Most everything is by Brooks. I have a fair amount of race shirts, too. While I 100% understand not wearing a shirt of a race you didn't do, they make good base layers due to being technical fabric. The race shirts haven't been worn.

    Most everything is womens size large. I'll take everything to the Goodwill if nobody wants them but thought I'd check first. I'm still going through it all too - will probably amount to a huge old hefty bag of run clothes when I'm done.

    If you are interested, have questions, or know of a charity that would appreciate them (vs one who just turns around and sells them) please contact me at: teig26.2 at google mail.

    Posted 2 years ago #