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Squirrels and Crows and Bluejays and mad birds

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  1. pennygirl


    I have a ton in my backyard so I thought I would help them out today. I threw the bread down and noticed the squirrel peering at me. Sure enough, he came down, but just sat at the bottom of the tree on his haunches. Observing. Then the Bluejays appeared. Sat in the Maple tree. Observing. They were looking for the hellhounds (who were inside)

    Sure enough, the squirrel went first. Eating and looking. Unfortunately he didn't figure out the two crows who did the ultimate dive bomb. But...they didn't figure out the Bluejay who cleaned them out. So...Squirrel 1...Crows 0...Bluejay 1...Squirrel 10 - he came back and picked up the left over pieces. Buried them at the top of the yard. I love my squirrels.

    Posted 2 years ago #