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To the parents of the 5 Year Old at Zero Dark Thirty Saturday

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  1. Sunset9


    I stood behind you as the woman in the box offcie at The Majestic Bay told you that Zero Dark Thirty had A LOT of graphic violence. You asked if there was drug use or sex and when she said "No" you bought a ticket for your child to see an R rated movie.

    I sat in my seat as he yelled and cried during the first 10 minutes of the movie, then after your repeated "Be quiet Be Quiet!" did not keep your pre schoooler from crying after watching filmed torture didn't work I went out and asked for a ticket to see another movie. As did the people behind me. So The Bay had to refund at least 4 tickets, your child will probably have bad dreams for the rest of his life but hey you didn't have to pay for a sitter!

    Posted 2 years ago #