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To the idiot shooting his gun at Golden Gardens

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  1. gracie


    First you shoot your gun about four times on Saturday.(direction of noise sounded like either by railroad tracks or across from them) Each time the seagulls in parking lot at north end would go airborne. About 3 cars left. Then shooting stopped & few minutes later this white truck came & kept circling in the lot. I realized you were trying to hit the birds & when you almost hit a Canadian Goose (think it may have made contact with truck but was fine) I backed up my car to let you know someone was watching you. You took off like a bat out of hell..a cowardly bat.
    Yesterday I pulled into the parking lot & where the seagulls congregate there was a dead seagull. It looked like it was just resting. Realized it was dead but didn't see any injuries to it until I pulled up right next to it. The seagull had been shot through the head. It was an obvious bullet wound.
    So big man you got your seagull but have you thought that a stray bullet could strike an innocent child, pet or adult.

    Posted 2 years ago #