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Urban Raccoon Behaviour, or URB

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  • Started 2 years ago by SmartsyArtsy
  • Latest reply from pugloverinsunset
  1. Lots I don't know about raccoons. I just went out with Lillie and suddenly saw a raccoon crossing the street toward us. I scooped Lillie up and am puzzled that the raccoon came within 3 feet us walking quite nonchalantly. Lillie saw it and barely reacted as if it was just one of the area cats. I watched it walk right over to my front door, poking around the plantings, then jumping up on a bucket, where it stayed as I walked back. I pushed Lillie inside, then noticed that there was a cat watching the raccoon. The cat was about 8 feet away.

    Was the raccoon's behavior toward me, Lillie, cat peculiar? Was Lillie's or the cat's behavior peculiar?
    I'm thinking back to a similar meet with a fox (in VT). animal Control ended up capturing it because they suspected it was ill and not acting like a healthy fox.

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