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Experience Raising Money for a Charity Race?

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    I'm planning to participate in a bike ride to raise money for a couple of really great nonprofit organizations. Although I participated in the sane ride last year and managed to raise a fair amount just by emailing co-workers and posting updates on Facebook, I'm fairly new to this sort of thing. This year I have much more time to prepare, and I'm hoping I can do even better.

    Does anyone have experience with something like this? I know I can do more than an email campaign and Facebook updates. I've heard of people hosting bake sales and fundraising dinners in their homes, but we live in a smaller apartment and I'm not sure how to go about setting up a bake sale.

    I'm not asking for funds here, although I would gladly take them :) I'm really just looking for advice and what may or may not have worked for others in the past.


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