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Q for parents with kids in Spectrum Program

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  1. gooner


    Our daughter just tested into the Seattle Schools Spectrum Program, but our current school, Adams, doesn't offer it.

    We are very happy with Adams. It is only a few blocks away, the wife volunteers, our daughter is very happy with a lot of friends... but I don't want to take away an opportunity for her to get the most out of school as possible.

    Is moving schools for this program really worth it?

    Before anyone gets their knickers (yes I know you are all wearing them) in a bunch, I am not suggesting for one moment that we are absolutely limiting her by not moving her. On the contrary, that is where I am stumped. I am a firm believer that the majority of a kids ability to learn/focus and do well in school starts at home. Teachers and schools certainly impact that as well, but they can only work with what they are getting from the home life. This is why I am not a strong believer in Private schools. I get the feeling that many (not all) parents think that they have done their job if they just send them off to a private education. But if their kids is neglected at home in many ways that limit their learning, that isn't going to solve for much.

    Ok I am digressing. The point is... is up-routing her from a quite positive situation worth the opportunity. She is the type of learner that needs focus and can be easily distracted so it feels like it could be very positive for her.

    Anywho. Would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with the Spectrum Program and am also looking forward to the snark around the Honor Role Student bumper sticker that I am going to go buy.

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