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Interurban map/route going north?

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  1. teigyr


    VB or somebody knowledgeable, is there a website or physical map of the Interurban north? I'm mostly curious about north of 205th. I've figured out to (thanks to this site) get back to the trail right near Costco, I would have never figured that one out. I've gone about 2 miles-ish north of there before turning around to come home. Right around where the trail picks back up after 205th, it looks like there is a trail going to the west, am kind of curious about that. Mostly though I want to know how far north it goes miles-wise, say north of 205th. Since this is for running, it would also be nice to know if there are sketchy areas or places better avoided :) I know a map wouldn't say that. What's the furthest north people have gone and IS there a complete map of the north area somewhere either online or in print? It looks like the online maps go city to city and when I'm on the trail I have no idea what city I'm in half the time.

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