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Adopt a rabbit special at Seattle Animal Shelter

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  1. phoo


    This is adopt a rabbit month and Seattle Animal Shelter is celebrating by waiving adoption fees on all rabbits adopted February 13th through 17th. This is significant because the adoption fees are about to (or already have) go up. I believe rabbits are going to be $40-45 now, but they'll all be microchipped. The critter department is full up on rabbits, so there are plenty to choose from, plus more that are in foster homes.

    Rabbits aren't for everyone, but they can make very good house pets. They naturally prefer a corner to potty in and all the rabbits at SAS have a litter pan. Bunnies are not happy living in a small cage for long periods of time, but need room to romp around in. Even the rabbits that are in a kennel get time out in a play pen and they reward us for their playtime by doing happy bunny dances!

    For more specifics about the special at SAS, here is the link: http://www.seattle.gov/news/detail.asp?ID=13394

    To learn more about rabbits as pets, here is a great resource: http://www.rabbit.org/care/new-bunny-index.html

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