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New in town and cannot get access to MyBallard

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  1. My new neighbor (no, not new in my building, darn) registered but was never granted access. She has written to tips@ MyBallard.com several times over a month and has never gotten an answer. Any other ideas?

    Meg WAlker, Geeky Swedes, are you letting people register and not giving access just to up the "members" number? I have noticed all the Chinese gobblygook new members and know they are not posting. Why allow registration then? How many of the 4000+ "members" are actually members? Looks good to your advertisers, but sucks for those really trying to join us on the forum.

    My neighbor knows she is being jerked around. If you don't want to give access , write and say so. Don't say, her registration is "under consideration". She is Gwen1981

    Posted 1 year ago #