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Water problems

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  1. Mittens


    When it rains 1 - 2 inches in a day we get a stream of water in our basement. I've had two companies come out and give bids on fixing the problem. One is an exterior fix, dig around the foundation and the other is a interior perimeter drain. The exterior drain is three times the cost of the interior one. Anyone have problems with interior perimeter drains? I just don't want it to mess up my foundation.

    We've tried fixing the down spouts but that hasn't worked. We did find out from the guy with the exterior solution that our drains to the sewer system don't seem to work. Should we try getting those fixed first? Both companies didn't seem interested in trying to figure out why the water is getting in.

    Any suggestions on who to call about fixing the drains for the down spouts?


    Posted 1 year ago #