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Need help

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  • Started 1 year ago by Aunt Salad
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  1. Aunt Salad

    Aunt Salad

    My son is in southern Afghanistan - I am expecting him home sometime this summer. We are hopeful for a smooth pull out of troups, but right now at his remote FOB (forward operating base) they have already started by not providing breakfast at all for the soldiers. There is a very small USO there where they have a crockpot and they are able to make hot oatmeal - enough to feed 10 troups each morning. They are asking for items that can get them through:

    From their USO FB page " As for questions about donating, you can certainly send things for breakfast and snacks to us here. In addition to the oatmeal we can also use foam cups (we are now the only place to get hot coffee in the AM), sugar, creamer, hot cocoa, a big coffee urn, disposable tablecloths, papaer twoels napkins, raisins, brown sugar, microwave meals, packaged soup mix and any and all snacks, crackers, cookies, candy, jerky, etc. Thanks a million everyone!"

    I suspect it will get harder as the pull out continues - by not serving lunch etc. If anyone is inclined to participate in getting items over to them, I would be so grateful for our soldiers - a small gesture means so much to them over there. You can reach me at sally rocks at rocketmail dot com place and thank you all in the community!

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