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Boats - Advice Please!

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  • Started 1 year ago by Ballardemician
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  1. Ballardemician


    Brave boat people of the dangerous republic of Ballard!

    I've got some questions regarding becoming a boat owner. Answers and general advising appreciated.

    What might be a good type of boat to fit these "needs":

    1) not a sailboat
    2) trips to the islands, never out of Puget Sound
    3) fishing for those reddish fish on the totem poles
    4) maybe, maybe, maybe a little tow-sport fun (but fairly low on the list)
    5) not super slow
    6) not terrible gas mileage
    7) not necessarily sleep aboard - probably would bring camping gear and camp on shore
    8) but hey, sleep aboard in a pinch why not?
    9) 1-4 people about the usual load, six fro short cruises maybe
    10) comfortable lay out
    11) enough indoor/covered space to be warm/dry/happy in our occasionally crap weather.
    12) seaworthy, perhaps enough to explore boat-in-only surf-spots along the straight.
    13) modern - don't mind maintenance but don't want to make a hobby out of restoration.


    I'm looking to buy with three other parties. That said, we aren't looking for prestige in a first boat, just ability to do the above things. We'll have a built in savings mechanism in our agreement to upgrade to the next boat when it's time and we really know what we'd like -- for now just want a low capital investment on a USED boat to get feet wet.

    So what might be a good direction to look?

    Mooring: a boat small enough to trailer is fine, but there are group members who don't have the vehicle to pull a trailer, so we'll need a slip. Any advice on relatively economical places to keep a (probably under 24') boat? Is there a big difference between salt and freshwater as far as docking goes?

    okay enough for now, thanks

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