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I got to experience an interesting thing this morning

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  • Started 1 year ago by lifeisamazing
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  1. lifeisamazing


    The 20 something year old tenant that recently moved into my house is an Orthodox Christian. I'd never even heard of Orthodox Christianity. When she mentioned it after she moved in I was a bit surprised (I don't know - the name seemed to imply that she should be walking around in some sort of hassock praying all the time= not looking like a "normal" person. Assumptions crack me up sometimes)

    I wondered how she would do living with me since my belief system is a bit, well, unorthodox. No problem.

    Anyway, they have a tradition of blessing houses yearly and so she asked if I would mind if her priest came to the house to bless it. It was really interesting and a very touching ceremony involving holy water, a candle and beautiful prayers. My dog loved it, she followed us all over the house listening

    I found it lovely that the priest had no problem blessing my office where my altar is.

    He had a sense of humor and after he blessed my tenant at the end of the ceremony he asked if my other tenant and I wanted a "sprinkle". I said I'll take all the blessing I can get"

    I love experiences where you get to see other peoples worlds.

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