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Greenwood Cayenne pepper targets dogs

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  • Started 1 year ago by seattletree
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  1. seattletree


    I read this and I was more than outraged. Having tiny little dogs that I walk all over this area this blows my mind. That property there is not hers, it's the city's. Yeah no one, not me... likes those among us who don't pick up after their dog. I get really tired of it where I live, BUT... wow.. she needs to pay that woman's vet bills. That is so wrong. The grass there is RED. She didn't just use a little, she had a party.
    Not sure I am allowed to include a link to the King 5 online news so here's a partial copy...//SEATTLE -- Pet owners in Greenwood are outraged after someone purposely dumped cayenne pepper all over an area.
    They claim it burnt a dog's paws and could make others sick.
    "It's absolutely despicable, their intentions is what scares me," said Monica Gujral Wallace, who's dog was burnt by the pepper.
    Emptied out bottles of pepper are scattered on the ground. Piles of the spice were purposely put there for pets.
    "How does that even get into your head? Are you that evil?" said Gujral Wallace.
    Gujral Wallace was walking her dog Buddha on Sunday when she came in contact with it.
    "It's burned the legs of my dog, it's caused several hundred dollars in vet bills," she said.
    While cayenne pepper isn't toxic, veterinarians say it causes a burning sensation and can be worse if swallowed.
    "It upsets the stomach, burns the inside and may cause a little diarrhea," said Dr. Zile Singh, a veterinarian at Greenwood Animal Hospital.
    Fredda Starr is the person responsible.
    The property manager of the "Greenwood Court Manor" apartments says people weren't picking up after their pets.
    "I do love dogs but I don't like all the poo that they leave over the ground," said Starr.
    She agreed to stop.
    "I'm sorry that it hurt the little dog, what I'm going to do is dilute it as best I can and put up some signs," she said."///....

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