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Serious Question !! How Long Until He Is Back On The Street?

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  • Started 1 year ago by BuffaloHawk
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  1. BuffaloHawk


    I have been reading a lot of links and stories on here about repeat offenders. I can't get over the size of some of the criminals rap sheets still on the streets. I always thought there was a three strikes and your out policy. I came across this story and found it pretty damn scary he had a loaded weapon and wondered if they will finally put him away for good.


    Officers walking along Aurora arrested a convicted felon during patrol. They contacted the man inside a 7-11, and while they were talking to him, they noticed the outline of a gun in his waistband. The officers grabbed the man’s hands and extracted a loaded large-caliber revolver. The suspect was arrested for firearms violations. Further investigation revealed that the gun was stolen and that the suspect was carrying almost $5000 in cash.

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