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Parking for new townhouses on 28th

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  • Started 1 year ago by Compass Rose
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  1. Compass Rose

    Compass Rose

    I posted a while back about the five new townhouses being built on 28th ave. at 58th st., right around the corner from our place. I walked by to have a closer look at them today and was shocked to see the only one of the five has a garage. The rest have no parking, which is going to further increase a worsening parking problem around our place. That means there could potentially be another 8 or 9 vehicles parked on the street around there, and there already isn't that much room.

    I thought developers were required to provide parking per unit. WTF? Or did the city change the rules since our idiot mayor thinks everyone should ride bikes around instead of owning cars?

    Does anyone else find the lack of parking in a new development like this surprising?

    Posted 1 year ago #