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My yard. Your dog. What would you do?

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  • Started 1 year ago by yayunicorns
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    I really, truly didn't want to be the person who puts one of those signs that says: 'I love my yard. I just paid a lot of money on new plants and it looked so pretty. But now your dog is eating my plants, pooping, peeing, and trampling over everything. Please be mindful and keep your dog kindly off our property." Of course, there's no sign like that but that is how I feel. I've tried the vinegar/cayenne thing (and also just heard about the dog owners who just sued a homeowner when their dog had a bad reaction to the cayenne treatment) and it really only lasts for the few days that it doesn't rain. I rather not use chemicals.

    A fence won't do and I didn't want to do one of those surprise sprinklers. I'm not trying to train your dog to be respectful. I understand he/she is a dog and sees plants and dirt and just wants to eat and poop wherever. It's more about the owners. I need to train them.

    But how?

    Would you knowingly allow your dog to come in my yard if I put one of those dumb signs up? Because that's what I think my last option is. If you have another idea, I'm totally willing to listen. I can never seem to catch these dog owners, so talking to them is out of the question. I'm not installing cameras or trying to get anyone in trouble. I just don't want dogs eating, pooping, and peeing in my yard.

    Let me know if you think the sign approach would work on you. And if not, what would? Thanks guys!

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